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French perfume house Fragrance Du Bois launches in the US with Sirène for women

Sirene Fragrance du Bois

Fragrance Du Bois, the eminent purveyor of exceptional, high-luxury unisex fragrances around the world, has introduced Sirène. This inaugural fragrance for the US, meticulously crafted for the discerning woman by the esteemed perfumer Nanako Ogi, embodies the pinnacle of opulence and sophistication of a woman. With the launch of Sirène, Fragrance Du Bois boldly ventures into uncharted territory, drawing inspiration from the captivating allure, sensuality, empowerment, and unwavering resilience innate to being a woman.

In an ode to femininity, Sirène orchestrates an exquisite symphony of notes, transcending mere fragrance to become an emblem of luxury that is all her own. While the myriad notes of Sirène dance harmoniously, it is the bold trio of cherry, pepper, and incense that commands attention, conjuring an intoxicating elixir of unrivalled allure. This fragrance, a testament to timelessness and elegance, etches its presence upon the senses, leaving an indelible mark that lingers long after its departure.
Top notes: cherry, pepper
Middle notes: oud, incense, lactonic
Basenotes:: moss, benzoin, cistus, labdanum, cypriol

Cherries captivate the senses with their sweet, bold aroma. Symbolizing the awakening of new beginnings and standing bold among all fruits, cherries encourage the wearer to embrace her inner strength and exude with confidence. Scientifically, cherries are rich in antioxidants, mirroring the resilience and vitality that form the cornerstone of empowerment. Incense offers mystical and soothing properties, and carries historical significance for invoking strength and enhancing meditation, leading to inner peace and clarity. Aromatic compounds like linalool found in incense have been studied for their calming effects on the mind, empowering individuals to find balance and strength within their inner core. Pepper is the sharp, invigorating scent and complements the cherry notes. Pepper, often associated with protection and purification, adds a layer of complexity and depth. It represents the fiery spirit within, sparking courage and daring. On a molecular level, pepper contains piperine, a compound known for its ability to stimulate and invigorate, much like the energizing push we sometimes need to boldly step into new challenges.

Sirène, encapsulating the essence of each distinguished creation within the Fragrance Du Bois portfolio, comes presented in a pink box, a departure from the brand’s signature black packaging. The juice is housed in an exquisitely crafted bottle that radiates opulence and sophistication with every glance. As sunlight dances through the crystal-clear glass, the sleek black logo of Fragrance Du Bois emerges, casting a subtle yet commanding presence amidst the captivating swirls of the fragrance within. Every element, from the meticulously embellished Swarovski-adorned cap to the intricately curated details, serves to elevate the sensory experience, bestowing upon Sirène an unparalleled level of refinement and allure.

Please visit www.fragrancedubois.com and NeimanMarcus.com in the US beginning April 22nd, in plenty of time for Mother’s Day. Internationally, please head to Harrods. Sirène is coming June 2024 to Selfridges and Harvey Nichols.


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