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Maison Trudon launches Vixi as a beguiling, fragrant poem to life and light

Trudon Vixi

Vixi: who lives / who has lived
Vixi is the latest addition to the Trudon fragrance collection. The luminous newcomer captivates the senses with fresh, woody and aromatic notes.
      A journey toward lightness. A luminous ode to life, Vixi takes you on a journey towards lightness with the spiritual strength of a Nepalese sandalwood, the sacred nature of sage, the freshness of bitter orange petit grain natural oil and the flowery perfume of jasmine essence.
      Experienced nose Emilie Bouge imagined Vixi like a flow of life filled with clarity, an exploration of inner light. Featuring precious Nepalese sandalwood, praised by oriental philosophies, and sage, used in purification rituals, Vixi welcomes a renaissance, a regenerative scent filled with wisdom.
      Vixi can be purchased on the Trudon website here.
Vixi by Trudon


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