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Endless summer, as bottled by Kilian Hennessy

Although you cannot stop the passage of time, you apparently can put it into a bottle—especially if you are renowned perfumer Kilian Hennessy. He would be an authority on the subject as he hails from one of France’s most illustrious dynasties in fine liquors, and has mastered the hart of translating this into the realm of fine fragrance.
Kilian Hennessy
      Our wardrobes may be reorganized for fall and we’re trading Barbie brights for a more down-to-earth colour palette, yet the perfumer argues that one can surround herself with the essences and joys of summer. Kilian Hennessy built the floral Can’t Stop Loving You, in the Narcotics collection, with orange blossom at its heart, surrounded by paradisone (an ethereal jasmine compound), Provençal honey, vanilla absolute from Madagascar, oak moss, and incense extract from Somalia.

      Moonlight in Heaven, in Kilian’s Fresh collection, is spun together with a ‘plethora of fresh, citrus and aquatic notes that will transport you to a peaceful oasis, whatever that means for you,’ according to the perfumer. The fragrance hits with a citrus-forward opening, driven by a duo of lemon and grapefruit, spiced with pink pepper berry. Coconut milk and rice—white as the moon’s face—rounds out creamy mango and powdery jasmine sambac, while a tonka bean drydown envelopes delicate vetiver.
      To learn more about the fragrances, perfumer, and his philosophy, visit Kilian Paris’s website.


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