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Ficks your next picnic or patio party with something fresh

There’s going to be a lot of al fresco going on in the near future, and as temperatures go up we’ll want something cold and crisp that complements the food we’ve put together or purchased to go. While everybody loves a good craft beer or cider on a warm day with certain foods, there will be times where you’ll want a touch of sparkle and fruitiness that’s not too sweet or heavy.
      When champagne is a touch too formal and malt liquor-based hard ciders are a little too syrupy, Ficks just may be this year’s cure to the common thirst. Its San Francisco-based founders drew inspiration from winemaking techniques and winemakers in the Sonoma Valley to devise a smoother, more nuanced base made from California oranges and natural fresh fruit flavour from Texas, the Pacific northwest and elsewhere. This results in a more sophisticated, grown-up seltzer meant to be sipped and savoured and that won’t overpower food. And at 100 calories per can, and no added sugar, this truly proves itself to be a refreshing alternative.
      Ficks hard seltzers, available in cranberry, blackberry, mango, grapefruit and lime, can be found at over 1,300 retailers across the US. The website also features its full line of natural fruit cocktail mixers to make classic craft cocktail creation a snap—and something you can serve with confidence when home entertaining returns.


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