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Here today, wear forever: M. M. LaFleur’s seasonless spring collection

What’s the perfect middle ground between the loungewear we’ve become used to and the structured, flattering fashion that excited us pre-pandemic? The answer may lie in M. M. LaFleur’s Mentally, I’m Here collection, which launched in February 2021. At this stage, as every fashionista is looking for moments of escapism—be it freedom from amorphous loungewear, emancipation from the office (or home office) or imagining future vacations—the garments making up this varied but wearable collection truly deliver for style-conscious women of many shapes, sizes and walks of life.
      The creators of the brand move into 2021 with a fashion genre they call ‘power casual’, dedicated to the production of comfortable, functional, hybrid pieces that can be dressed up or down to meet the ever-changing demands of life both at and after work. Some of the most versatile pieces include terry sweatpants that wear like trousers, thanks to snapping adjustable hems and a fly front; a Japanese-made cropped jacket that knits the versatility of a sweatshirt into a polished piece, plus tailored T-shirts, machine washable silks and blazers that work with pencil skirts, sundresses or jeans.

      Visit M. M. LaFleur to view the collection and purchase pieces.


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