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Vacci Prep for your post-pandemic future

Everybody knows where they were when the pandemic officially arrived and the world (and effectively, their town) shut down. However, with the arrival of new vaccines and a new presidential administration doing their best to make them accessible, freedom in the form of a return to work, a return to school and a long-awaited vacation are in sight.
      However, like anything else involving our entry into the new normal, we have to prepare for the vaccine given the possibility of being susceptible to certain side effects. And this means upping our intake of vitamins like C, D and A to prepare our immune system to mitigate side effects. Thankfully, Vacci Prep makes this preparation for the shots easy and convenient among adults 18 and older. Each box contains 14 packets to encompass the week before one’s injection and the week that follows, along with a complete pre- and post-vaccination programme.
      The concept for vitamin supplement Vacci Prep came about based on the observations of the late Chicago-area internist and hematologist Dr Evan Floreani. Like many of his fellow practitioners, Floreani insisted that both his patients and family increase their consumption of vitamins A, D and C, zinc, selenium, quercetin, essential amino acids and probiotics to be at their healthiest before receiving vaccinations. What began as his a proprietary formula for personal and family use following a substantial period of research was refined over several years to become Vacci Prep, which launches this spring at national retailers across the US and is now available at vacciprep.com for US$24·99.


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