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Maskela: red carpet-ready face masks


maskela lucire rouge

This is a true story with real names: a former beauty queen and fashion entrepreneur gets turned away from a private club for wearing a dreary yet suitably safe face mask. Yes, it really happened and Carol Chen was not too pleased with the imperious attitude.
      Being an ambitious sort, Chen proceeded with the knowledge that while face masks are now a fact of life, women not only feel most masks are a bit ungainly, but they interrupt their fashion statement. Chen worked her fashion magic to create masks that check off every box to ensure neither she nor anyone else gets turned away by a judgemental doorman.
      A former Miss San Francisco beauty queen and serial entrepreneur with many successful business endeavours, including a fashion label that retailed in over 300 stores, an MMA clothing brand in Hong Kong, and a Singapore-based dress rental company featured in the movie Crazy Rich Asians, Chen went home and sewed her first Maskela mask using fabric from her own collection of couture gowns.

maskela lucire

      Drawing on her personal experience as inspiration for the undertaking, Chen was determined to solve the problem once and for all by designing a full line of elegant and evening ready masks of the finest fabrics to complement any outfit that wouldn’t mess with your make-up. Handmade in Singapore from premium fabric and construction, Maskela incorporates high-fashion and uncompromising safety:

• interfacing to keep the mask from smudging lipstick;
• three layers of fabric to provide for extra filtration;
• adjustable ear loops and nose wire;
• filter pocket;
• Egyptian cotton lining.

      Maskela features an array of festive masks for adults and kids, plus extras such as glamorous jewelled chains, mask sanitizer, filters, and gift sets. Ready for the VIP treatment? Visit www.maskela.com.


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