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Hungary for ageless skin: Ilona Beauty débuts the serum of the century

Ilona Beauty Lucire

Do you believe in reincarnation? Whatever your spiritual inclination or philosophy, one fact is certain: skin ageing. The good news is that whether you are on your first, tenth, or hundredth time around, skin care methods and science improve with each passing year to temper the ravages of time.
       This year, prestige brand Ilona Beauty introduces a breakthrough in skin care technology. Beyond C Corrective Serum is the 50-year culmination of pioneering insights from one of the vanguards of the beauty industry, employing pharmaceutical-equivalent discoveries in skin and science.
       While K-beauty may be all the rage the last few years, and French beauty carries a romantic intrigue, Europeans know Hungarians have been the undisputed royalty of skin care for centuries. Budapest alone is home to over 100 mineral thermal springs, and spa visits are a national pastime. Æsthetic practitioners are an esteemed group and must complete a rigorous training programme.
       Today, Ilona accesses ground-breaking ingredients and technologies into premium performance formulas designed for consumers who consider skin care a high priority. Beyond C Corrective Serum pushes skin care efficacy beyond the expected and into the exceptional. This skin reincarnating serum, housed in a distinctive dual-sided black and gold vessel, incorporates corrective technologies that reach maximum potency at the moment of unity. The black vessel contains a novel probiotic and micronized niacin while the gold vessel holds a patented, hyper-potent, permeable form of vitamin C integrating into a clinical-grade, one-step, one-minute, fast-acting 25 per cent citrus fruit purée peel. It is formulated with 10 per cent L-ascorbic acid blended with L-lactic acid, Plant C-Stem and retinal to deliver youthful, soft and glowing skin.


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  1. Renee Dowling July 24, 2021

    It’s wonderful seeing ILONA products here. Used for years while living in New York City. They are simply the best–unparalleled! This article makes me yearn for her products again. I’ll check if they ship internationally. Try them and you’ll be hooked too.


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