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Modern Picnic: how ladies should lunch

Many of us have long outgrown the brown bags and lunch pails of our school days, as well as peanut butter sandwiches and mini lunch kits. With this in mind, entrepreneur Ali Kaminetsky figured that as we’re putting more love into the foods we pack for lunch on the go, the way those foods are packed and preserved should follow suit.
      Although there are many serviceable lunch bags on the market, Kaminetsky took things to the next level in 2018 by launching Modern Picnic, a modern reinvention of the traditional lunchbox made of a premium vegan leather exterior with an insulated interior to accommodate your various bags and boxes as well as plenty of space for lipstick, sunglasses and other necessities.

      While the designer handbag-inspired satchels and pouches in a range of colours and textures allow you to do lunch “like a boss” for this year’s Women’s History Month (March), Modern Picnic will offer a special edition version of the popular Mini with a personalized ‘I’m Speaking’ for US$129. Kaminetsky adds that 20 per cent of proceeds from this offering will be donated to the charity Dress for Success to help empower women to launch or advance their careers and opportunities.
      ‘As a company that cares about women’s equality, opportunity, and dressing to look and feel your best, we’ve pledged to empower all women in March 2021 by partnering with Dress for Success for their annual Your Hour Her Power campaign,’ says founder–CEO Kaminetsky.
      ‘After the success of an “I’m Speaking” social media Presidents’ Day event, we will be relaunching the bag in all of our Mini colours in honuor of International Women’s Day in March! We were blown away by the response on social, so we thought we had to do it.’
      Prices start at US$59 for the pouch, US$129 for the Mini, and US$149 for the Luncher. Visit the site to check out larger models as well as special bundles.


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