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LaRue 1680: teas steeped with passion

Netflix’s Bridgerton is pure, escapist fun set that’s captured everybody’s imagination. Granted, it’s Regency-period England reinvented for our modern sensibilities, from the dreamy and culturally diverse cast to the delicious fashion and interior design rendered in amplified pastels and jewel tones. All of it adds a welcome warmth and springtime optimism to otherwise chilly times.
      Artisanal tea—the actual brewed leaves, the ritual and the edible and decorative accoutrements—play a big role on the show. And what makes it even better is that we can bring all of it into our homes and bask in the warmth and romance of the Bridgerton world. This is something that Stephanie Synclair, CEO and founder of LaRue 1680, is keenly aware of the show’s impact on pop culture and our soul. ‘We have experienced a much-needed reminder that we can be fabulous in our own homes, take care of our appearances, get dolled up and sip tea with our pinky up,’ she says.
      As the times simultaneously demand we bring healthier elements into our diets, Synclair’s LaRue 1680 artisanal teas deliver as an organic and more nutritional alternative to traditional bagged teas. In addition to alluring exotic flavours (India Street vanilla chai, Italian Cream earl grey, Moroccan mint, yerba maté and hibiscus), the line includes custom curated exclusives (La Rue 1680 Ayurvedic Wellness Blend and La Rue 1680 Ginger Turmeric Blend) to boost wellness and immunity.
      Factor the special limited-edition teas, cups and sets and other accessories, and you’ve pretty much got the home edition of Bridgerton. We’re game for that! To spoil yourself in a most healthy and sumptuous way, visit larue1680.com.


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