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We’re mad about Max

Throughout our lives, we’ll have many loves. There are some loves, like Valentine’s Day candy, that don’t necessarily love us back. There are others that feel like too much of a compromise even with all the right elements. They come off, shall we say, a bit saccharine for our refined tastes. However, we can always count on Max to give us everything we want in terms of flavour, choice and fun.
      Just in time for Valentine’s Day (and everyday), Know Brainer Foods is introducing us to Max Mallow, a dapper new line of treats with all kinds of good things that check off all the boxes: zero net carbs, 0 g sugar, 6 g protein, 12 g fibre, diabetic-friendly, gluten free, fortified with calcium and 90–120 calories per bag. In addition to Max Mallow sweets having a rich, marshmallow-y texture, there’s a choice of flavours we all love, including the new Birthday Cake along with Classic Vanilla, Lightning Vanilla, Burnt Caramel, Cinnamon Toast and Mint Chip. While you can love on these things straight out of the bag, you can also enjoy them topping cocoa or coffee, a stuffing for s’mores or as an accent for other desserts.
      Lucire Rouge readers can enjoy an exclusive 10 per cent off Max Mallow treats by visiting KnowBrainerFoods.com, with the case sensitive discount code MAXUP10 at checkout. Better still, Eva La Rue, a longtime friend of Lucire, is a brand ambassador for Know Brainer Foods. As we already know she’s a lady with good taste, you can enjoy some time with Max with confidence. 


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