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Charity is the best medicine: Dr Marvin Singh prescribes a dose of kindness to your wellness regimen

A pioneer in the fields of integrative gastroenterology and personalized medicine, Dr Marvin Singh has rightfully earned his title as America’s premier wellness concierge. A member of the board and Diplomate of the American Board of Integrative Medicine, Dr Singh received his MD from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine and completed his residency training in internal medicine at the University of Michigan Health System. From there, he received fellowship training in gastroenterology at Scripps Clinic Torrey Pines.
      Forging a path on his own personal wellness journey, Singh refined and developed his current passion and philosophy of holistic care after graduating from the integrative medicine programme at the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine. ‘Be on top of your health instead of underneath disease,’ states Singh. ‘Practise well-care instead of sick-care.’ These phrases are his motto and the driving force behind everything Dr Singh practises and care about. A published author with a new book Own Your Health due for release later this year, Singh is a frequent guest on morning talk television and podcasts, including his own Healthcast presented in collaboration with his progressive medical practice Precisione Clinic.
      Catapulted into integrative medicine by his own weight-loss journey and disenchantment with a system-wide practice of treatment only after symptoms appear, Singh developed Precisionomics, a synergistic approach that involves a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan to lifelong health. Factors such as genes, gut health, immune system, environment, and chromosomes are assessed using the most advanced imaging forms to screen for cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. The aggregate results and information are used to devise a personalized treatment plan to prevent disease before it manifests. ‘It’s cumulative. It’s about participating in your life and investing in ownership of your body,’ Singh explains.
      Optimum health for your present and future is a lifelong endeavour and as essential as sleep or a daily grooming ritual. ‘You have to invest in it if you want it to stay strong and resilient,’ Singh advises. He encourages patients that caring for their health is not a race with a foreseeable finish line. He emphasizes incorporating lifestyle modifications into your daily routine that one can refine or amend as needed. ‘In order to help someone optimize their health, it’s important to give answers that provide actionable steps,’ asserts Singh.
      The roadmap to optimum well-being may require self-awareness and discipline, but it is not a single-lane, one-direction highway. A holistic approach to health is just that: the whole of a person including its spiritual entity. And none of us is whole if we ignore the human need for kindness, empathy and charity. ‘Kindness and compassion are the secret weapons to obtain optimal health and wellness,’ Dr Singh declares. Practising what he preaches with aplomb, Singh has partnered with Bottomless Closet to assist disadvantaged women in New York City. Founded in 1999, Bottomless Closet is a grass roots’ bridge from poverty to success for thousands of women seeking a stable and vital future. Bottomless Closet provides advocacy, counselling, job search services and training, and of course, a trip to a bountiful closet to prepare women for their new role as self-sufficient and vibrant members of the community.
      The women enrolled in the programme also have access to a variety of workshops which include seminars on financial management, life skills, yoga, and wellness. Drawing on his own path to better health as an example, Singh conducted a series of virtual workshops to inspire and educate women to advocate for their own well-being.
      Dr Singh discussed obstacles to good health such as poor diet, lack of exercise, medications and genetics. He outlined the steps everyone can take to restore their digestive health, such as keeping a record of your sleep cycles and what you consume, daily fitness log, and avoiding toxins and unnecessary stressors and anxiety. And perhaps most important, building meaningful and supportive relationships.
      He concluded the seminar with a Q&A, followed by tips on gut and health-related topics, such as correlations between gut and skin health, vitamin D deficiency, benefits of probiotic supplements, colonics and detoxes, and how to talk to a physician about sensitive issues.
      To read more about Dr Singh, the Healthcast and Precisione Clinic, visit www.precisioneclinic.com or @drmarvinsingh on Instagram.
      To learn more about Bottomless Closet and how you can help, visit www.bottomlesscloset.org or follow them on Facebook at BottomlessClosetNYC.


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