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Good cookies, good vibes: meet Jodi Mannis

Good Vibes Cookie Co
Jodi Mannis
Crystals are everywhere, particularly in Los Angeles. They’ve gone from the shelves of new-age bookshops and astrologer toolkits to fashionable jewellery boutiques and home décor accessories. Even if forecasting your life is not your thing, you have to admit crystals are pretty and, by their very nature, boost one’s mood.
      Los Angeles native Jodi Mannis has had a life-long love affair with crystals and their positive impact on the human mindset. She grew up learning about their æsthetic and emotional benefits from her grandfather, and as an adult, found herself pulled back into their magic.
      The USC fine arts’ graduate brought her packaging and graphic design skills to Guess as well as a number of freelance design jobs. Although she left to join her family’s court reporting business, she got to a place where she wanted to bring spark and sparkle back into her professional life. As she wanted to send her kids off into the world with ‘positivity and sweet intentions,’ she developed her crystal cookie recipe in February 2018. She posted a picture of the creation to her private social media account, and good karma for this new specialty baking business ensued.
      ‘Each cookie is a hand-painted piece of art inspired by a real crystal,’ Jodi explains. ‘Like us, no two cookies are the same. But from the confectionery crunch that sits atop the silky layer of frosting to the buttery cookie bottom, every layered bite promises to be a party in your mouth. Good Vibes Cookie Co. exists because we believe in karma, we believe we are all interconnected, and we believe a good cookie baked with sweet intentions has the power to make someone’s day.’
      Good Vibes Cookie Co. cookies and gift boxes can be ordered through its website, and shipped worldwide.



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