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She Rises Studios: Latina CEO disrupts the publishing industry to create an empire of empowerment

She Rises Studios

Hanna Olivas
Hanna Olivas has been tacitly disrupting the publishing industry. During the pandemic, she had a conversation with her daughter fearing that women entrepreneurs wouldn’t have the same opportunities as men to survive the pandemic and the economy. ‘Women already didn’t have the same opportunities as men, so during the pandemic it was a calling for me. I didn’t want women to feel alone or fear that they might disappear,’ Olivas contends. She also observed that the publishing industry paradigm was changing. ‘No longer is it profitable for an author to go through the traditional publishing model which is mainly reserved for heads of state and A-list celebrities,’ she asserts.
      It started out with a simple social media community where women could curate, cultivate and share their pain and progress running a household and a business—all remotely. Then she created a digital magazine and an opportunity for them to write books. In response to this imbalance, she started the She Rises Studios podcast which now has 20 million listeners with distribution platforms that include Spotify and Apple Itunes. ‘Women all over the world, multiple best selling books that have become number-one bestsellers and have stood in their truth, I am really proud of this accomplishment,’ she proudly professes.
      While there have been bumps and bruises along the way, it all paved the road toward success. ‘Women need to start stepping into their feminine power and utilize their strengths. It’s time to rise up, lead and live. I am fierce, passionate, growing and glowing in all I do and I want others to feel that too.’
      This year, there are multiple She Rises Studios television programmes that are in development, and events where speakers who are a part of the newly formed SRS Collective, which is her newly formed speaker, lecture and events division. Olivas is even opening a Latina Division and a television talk show with Olivas as the host, is in the works. Lara Trump, Chef Babette, American Idol alum Kimberly Locke and supermodel Kim Alexis are among those scheduled to appear. In addition, She Rises Studios now has a global digital streaming platform, Fenix TV, helping people take their brand to the next level. To date, over two dozen books have been published under the SRS banner.
      Olivas is a thought leader who is battling the war alongside women by sharing her own pain and progress with them. ‘I want women to get off the hamster wheel and start being leaders in their own lives and business,’ Olivas proclaims. This opens opportunities for freedom and scalability. It allows women to be seen and heard. Women have stories to tell and I want them to know that we will protect the integrity of their story.’
      For more information on Hanna Olivas and She Rises Studios, visit www.sherisesstudios.com.


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