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Award-winning beauty brand, the Lip Bar, launches its first superfood skin care collection


Developed with gentle skin in mind, vegan beauty brand the Lip Bar announces its groundbreaking expansion with TLB Skincare (US$16–18). This collection is formulated with nourishing ingredients that cleanse, hydrate and soothe to reveal naturally balanced dewy skin. After two years of intentional and strategic development of the formulas, TLB Skincare is the Lip Bar’s first launch in the skin care category. Taking a trip to better skin, this collection is power packed with superfood ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, reishi mushroom and blueberry extract, which aid in improving hyperpigmentation and dark spots, moisture retention and gently nourish the skin.
      The collection includes four essential products that offer beauty lovers a gentle, simple, and effective routine, perfect for makeup prep and removal. With self-care at the forefront, TLB Skincare boasts skin-nourishing ingredients that provide a natural defence against blue light exposure, improved skin elasticity, collagen stimulation, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to hydrate and brighten skin—all at an affordable price.
Melissa Butler TLB
      ‘TLB is about celebrating, encouraging, and providing effortless solutions to women to bring ease to their routines, without compromise. The same is true for our skin care innovation. Every element of TLB Skincare was thoughtfully designed and developed to give women balanced skin easily through efficacious ingredients and gentle formulas. We want to take women on a skin trip through self-indulgent and gentle skin prep that doesn’t break the bank,’ states founder and CEO Melissa Butler.
      TLB Skincare provides a simple yet effective routine that prepares your skin for an even better make-up routine. The Clean Up Gel Facial Cleanser reveals a fresh base, the Snap Back Skin Serum plumps the skin and improves pores and texture for a radiant glow, and the Dew Me Daily Moisturizer has a lightweight consistency, allowing for buildable make-up application to achieve an effortless look. In the evening, remove make-up using the Total Meltdown Makeup Remover Balm.


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