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Double duty: meet the retinol coupling skin care trend

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Founded by dermatologist Tina Alster, MD, the A Method explains why you should be combining the ultimate power couple of ingredients—All-Trans Retinol and Tranexamic Acid.

The A Method

      Below, the A Method’s licensed æsthetician Madelyn Cusimano shares how retinol coupling promotes healthy collagen production while visibly reducing the look of dark spots, uneven texture and signs of ageing and discolouration caused by the sun and other factors.

How do I try the retinol coupling trend?
Start with clean dry skin and apply the A Method’s Skin Perfecting Serum first. You do not need to wait long. Skin Perfecting Serum absorbs quickly into the skin, so just wait until it has absorbed into the skin. Then, apply Retinol of Pearls.

What does the Skin Perfecting Serum do?
This serum is a six-acid blend that is going to target fine lines, pigmentation, skin texture and decongestion of pores, and it’s also a skin brightener with the 10 per cent tranexamic acid. It also has a pH of 1·5, so we know the product is definitely absorbing into the skin as well as balancing the skin closer to that perfect 4·5–5·5 pH range. Our skin naturally fluctuates in pH from topical agents, free radical damage, acne, taking medications, etc. When our skin is too alkaline, it’s in an agitated state and needs something to help balance its pH out so that it’s not in a constant state of irritation and inflammation. Most acne lies in the 7·5–8·5 pH range, making it very difficult for the skin to take in any products without becoming more irritated because the skin is in an already irritated state at that pH. Skin Perfecting Serum is going to be a great product to use before Pearls of Retinol because it sets up the perfect environment for maximum product penetration. Allowing the skin to get the most out of the product.

How does the Pearls of Retinol work?
The pearls hold micro-encapsulated all-trans retinol stable until mixing with the hydrating serum base when pumped through the dispenser. This also creates the perfect micro-dosing scenario that is supported by hydrating ingredients to avoid dryness, redness and irritation. You’ll see in the retinol world that people’s skin becomes very dry when using retinol alone with no follow-up products on the skin. With Pearls of Retinol, you’ll experience the anti-ageing, skin-balancing benefits of all-trans retinol with less irritation, and better moisture balance for improved results after consistent nightly use. The serum base features a unique mixture of ingredients like hyaluronic acid, panthenol, 24 ct gold and several natural extracts that aid in moisture retention, all of which are mixed with water. Water is the driver for retinol to absorb properly into the skin.

What makes this magic happen?
The magic happens when the low molecular weight of the Skin Perfecting Serum is able to dive deep within the skin, setting up the perfect environment for the Pearls of Retinol to distribute or, as we like to say, “micro-dose” the retinol within the deeper layers of the epidermis. At the same time, the Pearls of Retinol provides hydration to the skin to avoid that itchy, red skin that happens while using retinol.

How often do I do this?
Begin by using this combo two to three times a week. On the days you aren’t using the combo, use only the Pearl of Retinol. This will help to build your skin’s tolerance, leading up to using the combo seven days a week. If you have never used a retinol before, then I would use the combo one to two times a week and then pick another day of that week to use only the Pearls of Retinol by itself. You can build your skin tolerance from there based on how your skin is responding.

How soon will I see the results?
If you’re using it consistently six to eight weeks you should start seeing results.

The A Method is available for purchase at www.theamethod.com. Or follow them on Instagram here.


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