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Ideal Image: making over the med-spa in most relatable ways

Once upon a time, medi-spas brought glamour and ambiance to the rejuvenating treatment experience, providing the most discerning customers the latest in fillers, administered by noted, trusted practitioners and æstheticians in the most exclusive neighbourhoods. Just like other technologies, these modalities and procedures have become safer and more affordable over time, and theoretically, available to more people from all walks of life.

Checking in: Ideal Image Woodland Hills reception area.

       In a similar vein to fuel, car repairs, and services at different garages, however, costs of the precious (filler) liquids, IPL facials, CoolSculpting, laser hair removal and other treatments greatly vary based on location, marketing budget, or the reputations of the clinic’s owners. On the other end of the spectrum, what’s being offered for lower prices can be a caveat emptor situation that may damage more than it rejuvenates.
      To find that important middle ground, Tampa, Florida-based Ideal Image opened its first clinic to democratize rejuvenation and turn this once-exclusive area of self-care into regular, confidence-building maintenance for more people. ‘We are changing the face of æsthetics, taking it from being mostly known for being available on Rodeo Drive and making it more accessible, affordable and effective than ever before,’ said CEO David Prokupek in light of one of its most recent openings in Woodland Hills, Calif. in the fashionable Westfield Topanga & the Village at 6320 Topanga, helping bring the total to 150 locations throughout North America.
       What makes Ideal Image innovative above and beyond the treatments themselves is the way any client can customize her or his long-term treatment plan to not only get results but also substantial savings.
       ‘Ideal Image welcomes everybody and every body—all ages, all backgrounds, all people everywhere,’ said Ideal Image chief medical officer Deanne Mraz Robinson. ‘That’s why our treatments are backed by a Lifetime Guarantee Membership. For US$250 per year, it offers even more attractive pricing on popular fillers, such as Botox at $8·90 per unit, extra perks such as free treatments and exclusive VIP discounts, and some of the most competitive pricing on laser hair removal, CoolSculpting fat reduction, and skin rejuvenation. All services are rendered by an outstanding team of experienced medical professionals who are good listeners and dedicated to help clients achieve a look they love with effective skin, face, and body treatments and natural looking results.’
       Ideal Image’s revolutionary direct-to-consumer tele-æsthetic platform brings an added dimension of innovation and efficiency. With a click, consultations are available between 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. eastern time, seven days a week, to discuss client needs and to help develop a contact-free, personalized treatment plan designed to achieve optimal results.
      To find an Ideal Image location near you, or learn more about available treatments and services, visit idealimage.com.

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