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Skinn’s Lab Insider début eye kit brings spa insight into daily skin care

In 2022, you know a small company is making a big splash when its citrusy-floral, hyaluronic acid-enriched hand sanitizer can be seen all over town everywhere, from beauty salons and day spas, to trendy restaurants and public school classrooms. However, Los Angeles-based spa skin care and cosmetics brand Skinn, its manufacturer, is setting its sights even higher by adding targeted skin care kits to its line-up.
      ‘We’re so excited to introduce the Lab Insider sub-collection, starting with the 30-Day Eye Boot Camp, because it is the end product of developing a straightforward kit focusing on a specific area of the face everybody has issues with,’ says Rayyan Umrani, Skinn’s product manager, noting how the camera in our Zoom conversation can accentuate signs of ageing and skin damage.

Three easy steps, 30 days, lasting results.

      ‘We had our team really focus on cutting through all of the industry noise on skin care ingredients and creating formulas with recognizable and safe ingredients that are clinically proven to improve one’s appearance,’ Umrani continues. ‘Rather than just put new products out there, the products are formulated to work together over the course of only 30 days and have instructions so it can be integrated into one’s daily skin care routine so it is customized to every user. There is no guesswork about when to start and stop the usage. From there, you can use other products you already like, or try other Skinn skin care products to prolong the results, such as our under-eye serum or Age Reset Eye Serum Intensive.’
      The pricing of the eye boot camp kit (US$129, exclusively at skinn.com and Home Shopping Network) is pricier than drugstore products, but less than comparable products from med spa and dermatology offices because of the patented formulas combined with the fact that users will only need to buy it a few times a year.
      There are simple instructions on the box that clearly show how the products work together, using comparisons to those found in an exercise programme (the morning serum is ‘your cardio workout’, while the evening serum is the ‘power lift and firm’ and the cream is the ’24-hour trainer’). Umari likens it to certain workout routines one adopts just for a few weeks to target a specific problem area before adjusting her workout to be more balanced once the goal is reached.
      Umari says that with masks still in use with safety mandates, deciding to formulate and develop the Eye Boot Camp was a natural choice for the new collection. While the company is keeping watch on how this first Lab Insider kit does with Skinn devotees and new users, she projects kits to address pigmentation and neck and chin firming will follow in the near future.
      In the meantime, other intensive Skinn products worth checking out for maintenance include Crème Reverse Intensive with FRC (an intense complex with ferulic acid, stabilized retinol, and a release-on-demand microencapsulated vitamin C) and the Deep Wrinkle Protocol Eye Crème Reverse Intensive, whose hyaluronic acid component instantly fills, plumps and smooths wrinkles.


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