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Waxing Poetic and Nyssa Jewellery amp up minimalist style and social awareness

Nyssa Lucire

The allure and versatility of layering, stacking and combining unique styles are more salient than ever

Waxing Poetic Lucire

Jewellery allows us the opportunity to go bold or dainty within the same wardrobe by merely adding or subtracting with infinite combinations for a succinctly personal statement. And we know how quixotic our personal statements can be, so we can never have too many interchangeable pieces to match our forever-changing moods.
       Waxing Poetic and Nyssa are progressive jewellery houses that bring ethical sustainability and practices to the world of fashionable fine jewellery. Uncompromising in artistry and ethos, each brand seamlessly merges the delicate balance of quality artistry with humanitarian cognizance.

Waxing Poetic
A female-owned and family operated jewellery brand, Waxing Poetic believes that love, as well as gravity and natural forces, is crucial to our overall existence on this planet, and that love for the earth, its people, resources and ecosystems is imperative. All designs start by hand and are made by artisans in Bali using centuries-old traditions. There’s an old saying that wax, as a material, always tells the truth. Waxing Poetic isn’t just a name but describes the nascent of their design process.
       Waxing Poetic seeks to engage in ethical, sustainable and environmentally compassionate business and manufacturing practices whenever and however possible.

Waxing Poetic Lucire
Waxing Poetic
Waxing Poetic

Nyssa Jewellery
An ethical fine jewellery line that’s attainable for everyone. Featuring an array of dainty pieces, their collection of fine jewellery makes you look and feel as graceful as each artisan-made piece. Nyssa Jewellery’s goal is to bring customers items that are 100 per cent traceable from the mine to the jewellery box. All of their creative processes are done in-house, bringing authentic and idiosyncratic designs that often feature solid gold and precious stones.

Nyssa Lucire



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