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Covetable candles: springtime scents and sensibility

Sometimes, it’s what you don’t see that makes your home décor personal and multi-tasking but not overdone. The right decorative candle, in turn, can make a perfect finishing statement with both a scent (crafted from natural and organic ingredients) that’s totally you and a container that has a new life as a planter, mini-vase, drinking glass or decorative jar after the wax burns away.

      Arizona-based Vim + Vigor’s small-batch, 100 per cent natural soy wax candles come in a variety of vacation-evoking fragrances (grapefruit and vanilla, gardena and rainwater, green tea and lemongrass, beach linen and driftwood, and tobacco and amber) that are hand-poured to order into beautiful natural wood, pure copper or stainless steel vessels that are just as expressive and work with a variety of décor and moods (US$25–US$42).

      Les Crème, a clean-burning, toxin-free and vegan candle line from San Diego, fashioned from 100 per cent botanical organic coconut wax and cotton wicks, boasts a range of exotic scents (amber and tonka, white tea and ginger, white rose, beachside orchid, Just Peachy) that provide the perfect argument that any day can be Valentine’s Day, the first day of spring or Thanksgiving, depending on the mood you are in when selecting your scent. (From US$12·95.)

      The luxury brand Waxing Kara’s Hex Hive candle (US$125) is an ultimate indulgence for avid candle users. This is the first vessel in the brand’s line of sustainable candles crafted from small-batch honey, and combines a long-burning (95 hours) formula with a choice of lingering forest, honey, and lavender fragrances. The Maryland-based company’s website also includes more affordable glass jar styles and travel candles for luxury on the go, as well as honey-honed beauty products. •


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