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Shannon Jackson’s Wellness Box: one kit, and limitless possibilities

Circumstances have limited the possibilities we were used to having in work and travel before March 2020. However, Los Angeles-based Shannon Jackson was able to pivot professionally and remind us that we could find new possibilities and hope in places we never expected. Jackson herself is the perfect role model for the mindset, as she’s a registered nurse and licensed life coach who established her Living Your Life Without Limits podcast and rebranding herself as the ‘People’s Nurse’ and ‘Covid-era Life Coach’ to help others get through these challenging times and those that may arise in the future.

      As a lot of hopes are being placed on 2021—including the possibility of planning travel on an initially cautious scale—Jackson thought it may be fun to package some of her core values, optimism and goals for optimal mental and physical wellness into a handy package suitable for giving and getting. The perfectly equipped survival kit for the road, whether it’s a daily commute to the office or the long-awaited girls’ getaway or weekend-long date with your guy.
      ‘The Living Your Life Without Wellness Box is designed to give the individuals we love the tools they need to help keep their own physical health and emotional well-being in check, particularly during these stressed times,’ says Jackson, who survived the chaos of working the frontlines of the pandemic during a two-month “tour of duty” at the pandemic’s original US epicentre—New York’s COVID-19-struck hospital wards. She adds that the contents of the box were curated in part based on that life-changing experience.
      ‘Staying healthy is a foundational necessity for living your best life possible, without limits,’ she continues. ‘You must be armed with physical well-being to overcome challenges, both emotional and physical in nature. The box is packed with important items to provide the optimum essentials of what one needs to monitor her wellness within arm’s reach.’
      In addition to a patterned mask and hand sanitizer, the floral package contains these essentials:

  • a first aid kit to help treat minor scrapes, cuts, and burns with all the necessities for this process;
  • thermometer;
  • blood pressure wristband and magnet to keep blood pressure levels in check;
  • LYLWL wellness journal and ink pen, which contains her mini-self-help workshop in journal form, helping one to recognize self-awareness, gratitude for special moments, and staying on track to attain personal goals;
  • meditation music;
  • scented candle.

The Wellness Box retails for US$49·97, and more information about her product line and philanthropic endeavours can be found at livingyourlifewithoutlimits.com.


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