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Philadelphia-based Bellefixe endeavours to bring glamour and sparkle to unglamorous times with a variety of easy-to-wear luxe hair accessories in silky fabrics, sophisticated hues, subtle metallics and a few gemstones, reports Elyse Glickman

Top: Bellefixe’s Island collection. Centre: The Capri collection. Above: Stacey Ciceron and Linh Nguyen.

What’s the point of being dressed up without somewhere to go? If you’re a hairstylist like Stacey Ciceron or Linh Nguyen (a stylist contributor to Lucire), you’ll argue that sprucing up your hair can lift your spirits. If you’re already picking out cute tops and applying your make-up for your work-at-home look (with Zoom and teleconferencing part of the picture), why not figure in a smart hairstyle to look that much more polished? If you’re a frontline worker, adding a little extra hair flair will not only keep your tresses away from your face but make you feel that much more confident doing so.
      Philadelphia-based accessories company Bellefixe, with a twist and an assist from Ciceron and Nguyen, has given permission to women of all ages to let style go to their heads with a roll-out of four affordable lines available through Bellefixe.com and various retailers. The concepts were all devised intentionally with our collective state of mind in mind, some to remind us of better days ahead (such as the cocktail- and vacation-inspired groups) and others that show us that it’s easy to look good with just a touch of effort via the Leisure and Everyday pieces.
      Or as Nguyen put it, bringing in ‘glamour for un-glamourous times,’ thanks to Bellefixe’s use of luxe fabrics and pretty faux gems and metals. Ciceron, who specializes in styling and caring for textured hair, points out materials used to make the hair accessories are gentle to hair as well as easy to insert, mix and match. It’s an extension of the notion that 2020 is about effortless style. Fresh, forgiving silhouettes coming from retailers ranging Madewell and Everlane to higher-end “it” brands like Rixa and Ganni are dominating fashion editorial and setting the tone. Therefore, even if you’re still waiting to secure a haircut appointment at your favourite salon, a well selected hair accessory enables you to get that finished, confidence-building look from head to toe.

      While all the participants on the Bellefixe Zoom call demonstrated that pretty career looks could be achieved with a one-and-done mindset (i.e. selecting one of the many headbands, scrunchies and scarf ties in rich earthy “cocktail” tones like champagne beige and rosé, or festive Capri or Ibiza prints), Cicerone and Nguyen showed that it was just as easy to up the impact by mixing and matching different clips, bobby-pins and multiple headbands to look a little more done, perhaps for a socially distanced backyard “micro” wedding or a Zoom-powered virtual dinner party.
      ‘I love how Bellefixe allows women to keep things chic and sophisticated, but with a touch of quirkiness or individualization, whether you’re going for an up-do or putting your best face forward on the frontlines,’ said Nguyen. ‘The colour stories are specific in how they’re meant to lift up your mood and yet so adaptable.’ His pro tips for a posh-casual look? Doing a little back combing or using dry shampoo for a touch of volume before inserting a pin or barrette, or slightly loosening up the layers of braid to create the illusion of thick well done “undone” hair.


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