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Adding a few layers to your fall self-care routine

Entrepreneur Lynette Lovelace, who built a multifaceted career on the five senses, says everybody could use a little Lifetherapy, reports Elyse Glickman

As an experienced restaurateur, luxury boutique owner, product developer and retail strategist, Lynette Lovelace knows women from all walks of life are looking for that something extra to add a touch of extra joy and sensory uplift to their day regardless of what’s happening personally or professionally. And getting that emotional uplift can be as simple as finding aromas and textures derived from nature that will make you feel good from the inside out.
      ‘We’re living in particularly challenging times, and it’s always important to have something that takes away stress and concerns within reach,’ Lovelace explains, regarding the launch of her new Lifetherapy collection of lotions, bath and shower gel, hand sanitizer, fragrances and gift sets inspired by emotions we want to replace that stress or melancholy with joy. ’Happiness for me has always been a choice, even as I have survived numerous personal health challenges and guided my son and daughter through times of illness. Because a positive outlook always makes life go more smoothly, I wanted to create a collection that helps any woman build up a daily, personalized ritual of self-care.’
      In creating the line, Lovelace says her first step was to set an intention to create a line empowering the user to celebrate personal strengths and claim some “me time”. From there, she branched out with scents based on several aspirational emotions (Energized, Grounded, Enlightened, Loved and Transformed) by mixing and matching scents from nature known for their uplifting appeal, from fresh citrus and herbal notes to calming florals to grounding, heady scents like cocoa, vanilla and dry amber.
      ‘When we layer our frame of mind with a bit of self-nurturing, the result is an uplifted mood that not only lifts up the user emotionally but also everybody around her,’ she explains. ‘Each product in the line is made with intention and purpose, with the goal of bringing extra positivity and optimism to one’s existence. Because I believe that living well should extend beyond the daily routine, all of our body cruelty-free and vegan products that can add to it are formulated without sulphates, mineral oil, petroleum, formaldehyde, propylene glycol or parabens.’
      A collection of small-batch 100 per cent soy candles in the signature scents (beautifully packaged in vanity friendly reusable glass container with a bamboo lid) complete the Lifetherapy experience, along with hand-made “message” accessories with life-affirming remarks. Even as everybody faces crises and setbacks, Lovelace hopes her collection will put people back in touch with the reality that a few small indulgences can make a big difference in one’s outlook. •

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