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Jody Miller gives her comprehensive guide to CBD skin care

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a few short years since CBD-enriched goods have been rolled up and out on to the market, thanks to the 2018 law that made the production of industrial hemp legal in the United States. The first commercial batches were fashioned in the form of tinctures and supplements aimed at those already in the know. The next crops went to market in the form of topical painkillers and balms, pet supplements, sleep aids, and pretty much everything but the kitchen sink (even if they were mixed in one).
While skin care soon appeared on the market, the “homegrown” packaging did not readily charm mainstream consumers or beauty aficionados. Yet just a short time later we’re seeing a new crop of luxury CBD lotions and potions are available at any number of beauty retailers. And while many of these offerings look tempting, the confusing ingredient terminology only adds to the stress you seek to quell.
To demystify the phenomenon, we’re presenting the high points of this trend as it unfolds.

Hemp v. CBD quickie lesson
The most salient thing you need to know is the difference between real CBD (cannabidiol oil) and hemp seed oil. They are not the same thing and it‘ very easy to get them confused. CBD oil uses the stalks, leaves, stems, and flowers of the hemp plant in its production. These contain a higher concentration of CBD, which boasts numerous health and skin benefits. On the other hand, hemp seed oil comes from the seeds of the cannabis sativa plant. While rich in omega fatty acids and vitamin E, its major benefit is as a topical moisturizing oil. Because real CBD is extracted from the whole plant, it’s the only way to reap its full reward.
With that in mind, you need to be vigilant and read ingredient labels as some manufacturers mislead consumers with improper ones or adopt coy marketing techniques. You need to do just a bit of research before buying and always check the label by scanning the QR code or company website for a certificate of analysis (COA). This mark ensures objective third-party testing.

What’s all the buzz?
Individuals with chronic aches and pains love the stuff and sing its praises. But what can it do for your skin, you ask? Is it really unlike any other flavour-of-the-month cosmetic ingredients? According to the experts we interviewed and researched, the answer is a resounding ‘Yes.’ From MDs to naturopaths, the buzz surrounding CBD is rooted in our earthly human physiology.
‘CBD oil is a potent antioxidant that contains high levels of essential fatty acids, all of which provide powerful properties for enhancing skin health and youthfulness,’ states Dr. Jenelle Kim, founder and formulator at JBK Wellness Labs. ‘It soothes, calms and hydrates skin, while helping to prevent damage, premature, fine lines and puffy, sagging skin.’ According to Kim, CBD is more powerful than vitamins C, E, A, or omega-3 fatty acids, which are all also present in hemp oil and allow for greater efficacy.
Fatty acids also help regenerate the skin’s protective outer layer, leaving it smoother and younger-looking. As an expert in natural remedies, Kim stresses that CBD is optimal when combined with other natural ingredients. This sentiment is echoed by Erin Stone, co-founder of Hinterland, a website dedicated to accuracy and transparency in the industry. ‘Check that the product doesn’t contain chemicals. Many will nullify the benefits of taking CBD in the first place.’
Those with acne-prone troubled skin are discovering a new skin-healing Holy Grail. ‘Those suffering from troubled skin or dry skin could lack omega-3 fatty acids in their diet. This is why topical CBD can play such an integral part in optimizing our skin health,’ explains Dr June Chin, a chief medical expert at Yesterday Wellness and AskCMD. Chin expounds that the skin is already equipped with an endocannabinoid system and receptors which help regulate sebaceous glands and hair follicles. Imbalances result in conditions such as acne, psoriasis, allergic dermatitis, hair growth disorders, and excess sebum.
Board-certified dermatologist Adam Mamelak, MD believes cannabidiols can be particularly effective in treating troubled skin conditions. ‘The CB1 and CB2 receptors for CBD can be found in the skin on sebaceous glands, hair follicles, cutaneous nerves, and mast cells, and has been shown to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits for the skin.’
All of our experts agree that formulation is key when it comes to choosing the right product and to steer clear of anything that cannot verify third-party testing. Stone advises to be very cautious about white-label brands. ‘While not all white-label products are bad, they’re more likely to contain token gesture amounts of CBD—added as an afterthought for marketing purposes.
Mamelak recommends becoming familiar with the various types of CBD most commonly used on product labels. ‘Full-spectrum CBD oils have the greatest number of compounds. It contains all compounds found in hemp, including trace amounts of THC.’ He clarifies further that broad-spectrum CBD contains cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids but no THC, and that isolate is pure CBD with no other composites found in the hemp plant.
If this all seems too much to ingest at once, relax, and take a deep breath. We’ve done some work for you already with our favourite CBD beauty picks.

beboe therapies
Beboe Therapies

Known for cultivating outstandingly pure and potent products with elegant texture and gracefully chic packaging. Honouring their uncompromising pursuit of quality, Beboe launched a skin care line comprising synergistic formulas of highly sought after botanical extracts and full-spectrum CBD. Co-founder Scott Campbell created Beboe with ‘The full potential of CBD and other plant phytonutrients in accordance with the latest research and scientific understanding of how those molecules function on a cellular level. The concept has proven successful with a line of premium skin care available at major high-end retailers.

Eossi Beauty
‘Facial Glow Oil #8 was made with love and intention, for the glow-getters who want a go-to product that actually works,’ says co-founder Rochonne Sánchez. Created for the woman who wants an exceptional product with proven ingredients at an affordable price. Made from a base of organic Moroccan argan oil paired with nutritious extracts including grapeseed and rosehip, plus 1000 mg of broad-spectrum CBD to stimulate that goddess glow.

Progressive skin care of meticulously selected extracts chosen for their calming and antioxidant properties along with broad-spectrum CBD to inhibit and decrease inflammation while increasing collagen production and cell turnover. Bevara’s deep DetoxClay Mask is a superfood compound of Brazilian volcanic silt, broccoli seed oil, clover flower extract, bamboo beads, vitamins, and antioxidant-rich broad-spectrum CBD in a treatment mask suitable for all skin types.

faith in flower acne serum
Faith in Flower

Founded by a Mom who always believed integrated medicine was crucial to well-being and health. Their concentrated tinctures have become a favourite for the hip and trendy who prefer a little posh with their plants. The new Blemish-Be-Gone CBD serum is their first skin care release. The plant-based formula includes acne-fighting salicylic acid plus extracts of burdock root, pine bark extract, algæ, Irish moss, melaleuca, rosemary and tea tree oil that regulate the skin, making it inhospitable to breakouts. The addition of CBD aids in anti-inflammatory benefits and detoxification to heal and prevent further breakouts.

leef organicsLeef Organics
Self-proclaimed soil science nerds, Leef uses a single-origin harvest for the most wholesome extraction process. Taking full advantage of the “entourage effect” to amplify the efficacy, Leef products are a powerhouse party with a unique combination of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, amino acids, proteins, enzymes, and fatty acids. While the Nooks & Crannies soap is a cult classic already, our new fave is the Orange Blossom CBD hand sanitizer. Not usually known for its pleasant aroma, the orange blossom imparts a delicate  scent while the CBD boosts efficacy.

uncle buds
Uncle Bud’s
Everyone needs a favourite uncle. That special go-to guy who knows exactly what you need to feel all right. Uncle Bud has been there with his line of affordable CBD lotions, oils, and gels to make aches and pains big and small dissipate, muscles relax, skin softer, and just put your mind at ease. But our Uncle Bud needs a Miss Bud, and she’s arrived to treat your skin concerns with gentle hemp oil and CBD-infused cleansers, creams, and lotions to maintain healthy skin, plus concentrated sheet masks for intense rejuvenation.

ignite cbd
Social media firebrand Dan Bilzerian takes his resolute masculinity to new highs. With a roster of successful men’s grooming, apparel, and CBD topical and ingestible supplements, the time has come to bring the life-force of male prowess to skin care.  Bilzerian loves to flaunt his love of hedonistic extravagance, so it’s no surprise they make the formulations from premium plant extract and the highest-calibre CBD. The full line of self-care, which includes face care, pain, and muscle relief and a tattoo balm, is ethically sourced to augment the active man’s lifestyle with a generous helping of seductive allure.

Elina Organics
Darlings of the organic skin care world, Elina has received accolades from trade publications and industry experts plus a cache of celebrity fans. The Ambra Lift serum and other crystal-infused formulas are international best sellers. Using the same sunflower liposome encapsulation technology, Elina has introduced a line of organic CBD skin and body care. In addition to skin-restoring, liposome-encapsulated CBD, each product contains an organic blend of whole fruit and plant extracts acids to renew, brighten, and strengthen skin.

josie maran skin dope
Josie Maran Skin Dope

Arguably, Josie Maran put argan oil on the luxury market radar. Her eponymous brand leaped to the top of the beauty world by incorporating global traditions into modern formulas. The newly released Skin Dope is a continuation of that ancient-meets-modern trend. The organic CBD is sun-grown in the US using sustainable farm practices. Cold-pressed and unrefined hemp oil is sourced from France while organic ingredients and low-impact processing guarantee nutrient preservation. Equally kind to body and earth, Skin Dope encourages optimum balance and wellness.

No, Thank You
Say “yes, please” to No, Thank You. Confused? You shouldn’t be. Just say “no” to anything you don’t need in your life or on your skin. No to negativity, divisiveness, hate, nasty chemicals and harmful ingredients, and ineffective skincare with labels that read like the Periodic Table. All you and your skin need is love. No Thank You only says “yes” to only the most loving and nurturing plant-based ingredients and full-spectrum cold-pressed CBD extract. Indulge your senses in pure aromas and botanical extracts that wrap your skin and spirit in a benevolent blanket of love. And to make your life even easier, a COA is available for each product on their website. That is what we call unconditional love.

You’ve got to be Kül to be kind, especially when your skin is concerned. All Kül products are hand-harvested with a proprietary probiotic and micro-algae blend plus broad-spectrum CBD and a synergistic antioxidant blend of botanicals and scientifically-proven age combatants.

peter thomas roth greenleaf
Peter Thomas Roth Green Releaf
This line is formulated with cannabis sativa oil rather than cannabidiol (that means no CBD). Intended to nurture and restore sensitive or compromised skin. The range promises to visibly calm the look of redness and leave skin appearing smoother and more even-toned while inhibiting future flare-ups. •


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