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Pure Clarity: when being present is a gift



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Marketers may call the first month of the Gregorian calendar year #DryJanuary, but for most people—from connoisseurs to the conscientious—maintaining healthy habits on a regular basis is necessary for clearing up our minds and our priorities, especially as we are now heading into spring and summer. That is the vision of Pure Clarity founder Sarah Siegel, who passionately lives and inspires an alcohol-free life and is a vocal advocate for integrated wellness and conscious living.

The January symposium in Santa Monica at the Annenberg Beach House drew 150 people even in the face of tumultuous weather. Siegel and her team collaborated with zero-proof drink brands, wellness experts, fitness and meditation instructors, a filmmaker, and authors made for a day of insights and inspiration for anybody who attended. One hundred and fifty people attended the event, particularly to gain words of wisdom from the seven key speakers, including Laura Cathcart Robbins, Peter Sterios, Dr Marcus Coplin, ND, Sarah Goudie, M.Ed., FDN-P, Janice Bussing, Sebastian Siegel, and Kim Shapira, MS, RD as well as three panels of 18 speakers combined.

Whether an individual decides to live alcohol-free for a night, during non-vacation periods, or a lifetime, the most important message conveyed by speakers, relatable panellists, wellness classes, fitness instructors, and activations is that everybody has choices as well as options for living responsibly. The first in what Siegel and the participating sponsors hope will be one of many in what she calls the ‘mindfulness era’ is helping even the most wellness-literate among us realize there is no one right way to live a live of clarity and vision.

To bring the Pure Clarity event to life, Siegel curated an exceptional line-up of speakers, authors, wellness coaches, sober celebrities, and more to show Angelenos just how fun it can be to enjoy life without alcohol. Non-alcoholic retailer Boisson, and mocktail wiz Derick Santiago were on hand to get the message out, as were founders from top NA brands including Athletic Brewin, Blk Water, Glowing Up, Good Idea drinks, HOP WTR, Moment, Parch, Sati Soda, Tilden, Tost and Tru, on hand to get the message out. KTLA news anchor and author Courtney Friel, celebrity dietician and nutrition therapist Kim Shapira, celebrity trainer Natalie Yco, author and founder of Manduka and Levityoga Peter Sterios, and Laura Cathcart Robbins, author of the best selling memoir Stash, offered insights on how fitness and proper diet tie into the bigger picture of clean living.

‘We have assembled a fun, inclusive and informative programme for like-minded people to come together and shamelessly support the decision to be alcohol-free and learn more about what NA options are available,’ said Siegel. ‘It is our hope that more bars and restaurants will offer non-alcoholic options for people who want to enjoy a fun flavourful drink without the alcohol.’

To learn more about the Pure Clarity movement, no matter what your reason for going dry (conscious living, weight loss, better nutrition, a clearer mind), visit pureclaritynow.com.


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