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Meet the trailblazing new skin care brand rooted in sustainably farmed botanicals

Justine Kahn

While many beauty brands claim to be clean and sustainable, few have the credibility to match Botnia Skincare, the æsthetician-founded botanical beauty line on a mission to deliver healthy, radiant skin—courtesy of science-backed formulas packed with potent ingredients and fuelled by sustainable farming practices. At the helm is Justine Kahn, the formulator and æsthetician who saw a need for individualized skin care solutions among her clients. An avid gardener, she spent years hand-mixing botanicals grown on her micro-farm in Sausalito, Calif. for her facials; now, the brand is available at spas across the country.
      Botnia is powered by science-backed raw ingredients, which are still grown, harvested, dried, and processed in the brand’s own lab in California. For certain ingredients, such as arnica, Botnia turns to local farmers who use similar, organic practices. With the raw ingredients in hand, the products are created by hand in small batches to ensure quality and efficacy.
      Among the key botanicals used by Botnia are lavender, juniper, helichrysum and calendula—all of which have been chosen with care to nurture the skin barrier while delivering results. Just as thoughtful is the packaging: Botnia has set out to offer skin care while limiting its overall impact on the environment, which is why the brand uses recyclable aluminium caps, bottles and jars as well as paper boxes and insert cards.
      Botnia skin care offerings fall into two groups: those intended for use by spa professionals, to be mixed according to a client’s needs, and others that cater to skin types, making it easy to everyone to bring the botanicals into their daily routine. The resulting line-up of cleansers, serums, moisturizers, face oils and more are especially gentle on skin, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less effective. Instead, potent actives like exfoliating acids are balanced out by those that nourish, making for performance-driven formulations that respect skin. Ultimately, Botnia is proof that you don’t have to compromise your values for healthy, happy skin—for good.
      Discover Botnia’s full line of skin care products at botniaskincare.com.


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