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Beauty resolutions: our top beauty picks for a radiant you in the New Year

Photo by Maryan Arkevich for Freepik

New Year’s resolutions are a wonderful thing. What other day of the year is the entire world on board with a personal goal? It makes more sense than choosing a random day in July to start a new diet or commit to an exercise routine. The feeling of support and community are stronger when we are all in it together, making us feel more enthusiastic about achieving a goal or breaking a bad or unproductive habit.

Normally, these resolutions involve some kind of sacrifice or doing something we don’t find pleasant (see diet and exercise above). Far be it from us to deter you from any avenue toward self-improvement, however, we at Lucire believe in making resolutions that are easy to keep, especially when the results are beautiful skin and hair.

Below are some of our top picks, but feel free to add your own. There is no limit to looking your best.
Sweet July Skin Soursop Vitamin C Serum
I resolve to have bright and even-toned skin
Sweet July Skin Soursop Vitamin C Serum
What it is

Protect and nurture your skin with Sweet July Skin’s vitamin C serum featuring the powerful combination of antioxidant-rich soursop, ferulic acid and green tea. With a formula that is gentle enough for daily use, it will help visibly brighten, firm and hydrate your skin.
What’s in it

A potent combination of antioxidant-rich soursop, ferulic acid and 3-O ethyl ascorbic acid and green tea extract to help visibly brighten, firm and hydrate to reveal your most radiant-looking skin. Sweet July Skin is mindfully clean and vegan, paraben, cruelty-free and combines the rich sensory properties of superfoods with hard-working actives to provide efficacy and proven results. 

I resolve to detoxify and exfoliate my scalp
Sabon Scalp Scrub
What it is

Enriched with botanical oils and Dead Sea salts, this frothy scrub keeps the hair and scalp healthy and nourished. Available in Energizing Geranium, Cooling Mint or Soothing Lavender for a complete sensory experience while precious minerals treat and nurture for luscious locks like never before.
What’s in it

Dead Sea salts are naturally rich in minerals and micro-nutrients, making them a unique source of vitality to the scalp, removing dead cells and promoting skin renewal through exfoliation. Precious oils fight free radicals encourage healthy hair growth.
Junoco Lip Milk
I resolve to keep my lips moist and plump
Junoco Lip Milk
What it is

A multi-tasking lip treatment to moisturize, soften and brighten. This milky formula can be used as an intensive overnight lip mask, a quick fix for chapped lips pre-date, or a go-to lip prep for ultra-smooth lipstick application. Imagine lipstick that glides on without caking or drying. Plus, all Junoco products are eco-conscious and micro-plastic-free.
What’s in it

Acerola cherry and jojoba oil plump and hydrate and prevent cracking and peeling. Squalane and vitamin C brighten and moisturize. Formulated to even out the corners and impart a more defined lip line.
I resolve to correct my sparse brows and lashes
Blinc Lash & Brow Enhancer Serum
What it is

A miracle in a tube. A next-generation formula engineered for results that is 87 per cent naturally derived. In a clinical study, users reported an enhanced appearance of longer, thicker, and more voluminous lashes in one week, with optimal results in six weeks. The super-thin applicator delivers a precision application. Ideal for those with brittle, weak, thin or short lashes or brows. Safe for contact lens wearers and lash extensions.
What’s in it

Powerful isopropyl cooprostenate, lash-loving peptides, biotin, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, vitamins and amino acids promote the appearance of denser and more defined-looking lashes for a beautiful natural look. Formulated with intensely nourishing proprietary blends of herbs and superfoods, ingredients like rosemary, alœ vera, quinoa, red clover and gingko biloba condition, strengthen and fortify hairs for a lifted appearance.
I resolve to have thicker and fuller hair
Kyir Fuller Active Hair Serum
What it is

A plant-based, powerful combination of high-performing clean botanical ingredients. Bursting with the fresh scents of citrus, ginger and bergamot, Fuller Hair Serum is designed to transform hair’s health and appearance. Never sticky, oily or greasy, this lightweight luxe serum immediately increases hair’s volume, fullness and thickness, without harsh chemicals, sulphates, parabens, silicones or phthalates.
What’s in it

The exclusive formula is loaded with natural ingredients as well as patented ingredients Redensyl and Follicusan, to fortify hair follicles, condition the scalp, and encourage hair growth. Featuring extracts of Redensyl, biotin, follicusan, ashwagandha, peppermint oil, caffeine, horsetail, pumpkin seed oil, green tea, alœ vera, ginger and saw palmetto.
Eight Saints Light Show
I resolve to correct under-eye bags and puffiness
Eight Saints Light Show Naturally Brightening Eye Gel
What it is

A cooling eye gel that illuminates eyes with a lightweight formula that brightens under eye skin while reducing redness and the appearance of dark circles. A cooling metal tip allows for no-touch and easy application. Ideal for under make-up or before bedtime for a refreshed and bright-eyed look.
What’s in it

A blend of pomegranate extract, peptides and MSM helps to restore collagen and elastin. Hyaluronic acid binds moisture to keep delicate skin hydrated and plump all day.
Valmont V Firm
I resolve to indulge in a luxury product
Valmont V-Firm Cream
What it is

The most opulent skin care on the market. Envelopes skin with bio-compatible ingredients to regain dermal density and enhance facial contours. The skin’s natural barrier and elasticity are restored and reinforced to visibly firm and uplift.
What’s in it

A potent cocktail of vitamin C, lysine and praline amino acids to promote collagen production. Glucosomine for moisture, immortelle flower extract for dermal cohesion, and copper for collagen and elastin synthesis. Matrikine peptides to regulate skin cell activity by “talking” to their specific receivers reorganize the extracellular matrix and promote cell proliferation, two mechanisms that diminish with age. Collagen synthesis is intensified, and dermal tissue enriched for newfound firmness. Vegatal squalane strengthens the skin barrier.
Stratia Liquid Gold
I resolve to rid myself of under-eye wrinkles
Stratia Liquid Gold Eye Cream
What it is

All the power of Stratia’s fan favourite Lipid Gold formula with increased ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids to help strengthen and protect the uniquely thin skin around the eyes. The formula also features some new additions like algæ extract and chrysin to fight dark undereye circles, two new peptides to increase skin firmness, and occlusives to help lock in moisture.
What’s in it

Lipid Gold Eye Cream is formulated with even more ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids to mimic and strengthen your natural moisture barrier. A decadently rich formula to lock in more moisture to this sensitive area. Chrysin, n-hydroxysuccinimide, and Fucus vesiculosus algæ extract help flush out pigment that causes dark circles under the eyes. Plus, two types of sea buckthorn oil give it its signature vibrant colour.
Joico Inner Joi
I resolve to use clean and eco-conscious hair products
Joico Inner Joi Collection
What it is

The new Inner Joi collection features 100 per cecnt vegan, naturally derived formulas that deliver transformational results and professional performance. All Inner products are bottled in 95 per cent recovered and recycled Social Plastic to support communities in need and help fight ocean plastic. Free of silicones, parabens, gluten, SLS/SLES sulphates, phthalates or mineral oil. Available in Hydrate, Strengthen and Preserve formulas.
What’s in it

Animal test-free, vegan
formulas made with 86–98 per cent naturally derived ingredients and pure Joico performance. Made from 95 per cent Social Plastic to reduce carbon omissions, save our planet, and fight poverty and inequity.
Joah Glass Skin
I resolve to have social media-worthy glass skin
Joah Glass Collection
What it is

A stunning makeover to its beloved Crystal Glow Collection. This line-up features the brand-new Glow Perfecting Powder, a feathery light three-in-one correcting powder that combines three shades to enhance the natural beauty of skin, blur imperfections, and brighten complexion with a velvety matte finish. Additional collection items include the Luminous Skin Tint Stick, Luminous Peptide Foundation, and Hydrating Glow Cream Mist.
What’s in it

Powered by peptide technology for enhanced clarity, brightness, and radiance. Luminizing peptides help to speed up skin cell regeneration which results in a soft-polish, uniform glow.
d'Alba Italia
I resolve to have glowing skin any time of day
d’Alba Italian White Truffle Spray Serum
What it is

Inspired by the elegance of Alba, Italy, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this serum infuses the opulence of white truffles into your daily skin care routine. Multi-functional: mist plus serum plus setting spray. It is suitable for every step of your skin care and make-up routine. The misting spray nozzle has easy application, allowing the spray serum to land pleasantly light on the skin. A luxurious vegan product loved by make-up artists and celebrities.
What’s in it

This serum boasts a unique dual-layer formula that combines nourishing avocado oil, sunflower seed oil and chia seed extract with the skin-renewing power of white truffle extract and vitamin E, resulting in the exclusive Trufferol.

I resolve to reduce the appearance of cellulite and lose inches
Shape Accelerator
What it is

Backed by the latest scientific research, this revolutionary slimming solution activates the body’s natural fat-burning process. It’s packed with natural ingredients. Visibly reduces the appearance of cellulite and helps shape body contours to reveal a slimmer silhouette. Activates micro-circulation, fights water retention, and transforms fat-storing cells into active fat burners. This groundbreaking approach not only combats cellulite but also helps reduce excess inches.
What it does

A purified extract of organic mustard sprouts combined with a synthetic capsaicin analogue plus natural chili extracts for a natural approach to firming and toning the physique.
Xtreme Element
I resolve to protect my skin even though I hate putting stuff on my face
Xtreme Element All Star Face Cream
What it is

An all-in-one cream for all people and skin types—even those who never put stuff on their face. This silky and lightweight cream is perfect to rebalance and protect by delivering skin-boosting antioxidants and fatty acids.
What’s in it

Ideal for all seasons and skin types, including very sensitive. All Star Face Cream re-balances and rejuvenates, making it your go-to for daily skin protection with zero fuss. Easy to use, powerful in impact.
Stem Cell Serum
I resolve to use clinical grade skin care
Skin Rx C-Stem Anti-Aging Serum
What it is

Concentrated anti-ageing serum with lilac stem cells, vitamin C, and marine extracts. Dramatically improves deep lines, brightness, texture.
What’s in it

Lilac stem cells: decreases inflammation, reduces breakouts, improves pore appearance, shields against free radicals, and evens out pigmentation through tyrosinase inhibition. Vitamin C (tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate): antioxidant that reverses and prevents sun damage. Brightens the skin and shields against both UVA and UVB rays. Marine algæ extract: modulates genes to decrease skin’s level of progerin—the protein that causes accelerated ageing in the body. Undaria algæ extract: reactivates 14 genes responsible for the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, the skin’s natural fillers and firming components that typically reduce over time.
Inner Glow Gummies
I resolve to prevent ageing from the inside out
Inner Glow Sol Defense Gummies
What it is

A dermatologist- and plastic surgeon-developed vegan formula has everything you need to help target photoageing and provide additional sun protection.
What’s in it

Polypodium leucotomos, an ingredient derived from a fern that is scientifically proven to provide sun protection and niacinamide, a B vitamin loved by dermatologists worldwide. This age-defying gummy is a great addition to your sun protection routine.

I resolve to give myself a professional quality peel at home
What it is

The AHA BHA PHA LHA 35 Peel dramatically smooths skin texture and congested pores with a powerful multi-acid blend. This pro-formula gently exfoliates and minimize pores and reveals the look of a more even, radiant complexion.
What’s in it

AHA, a water-soluble exfoliant with a rough and bumpy texture. Oil-soluble BHA penetrates pores to unclog, refine, and soothe. PHAs and LHAs are not only just a gentle exfoliator, these are also comfort moisturizers. A cocktail of vitamins B5, B12 and E reduce irritation that can be associated with acid use and added protection.


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