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Valmont unveils updates to Essence of Bees collection, unleashing the nourishing treasure of the beehive

Valmont, the leading Swiss cellular cosmetics brand renowned for its commitment to excellence, is pleased to unveil the latest evolution of the Essence of Bees collection, launching September 12, 2023. This premium skin care collection from Valmont’s esteemed l’Elixir des Glaciers range pays homage to the majestic honey bees, offering exceptional nourishment and restoration through extraordinary ingredients mindfully sourced from the hive. Dedicated to protecting bees and preserving biodiversity, the Essence of Bees product range features new formulations, packaging and philanthropic give-back initiatives, expanding on the brand’s existing efforts in honouring the importance of bees on our planet.
      In an age where bees face numerous threats, including pesticides, industrialization of agriculture, and climate change, Switzerland stands as a haven, providing benevolent protection for these invaluable creatures. Acknowledging the vital importance of their preservation, l’Elixir des Glaciers launched Essence of Bees in 2017, celebrating the remarkable benefits offered by hive ingredients. This skin care collection is an ode to the nobility of bees, combining the realms of science, craftsmanship, and environmental consciousness—a quintessentially Swiss tribute.

      Since the launch of Essence of Bees, Valmont has partnered with suppliers and funded the preservation of beehives. CEO Sophie Vann Guillon’s encounter with Stéphanie Vuadens, Genève-based beekeeper and head of the Arche des Abeilles Foundation, led to a unique partnership built upon shared values of commitment, authenticity, and passion, and was formed with a distinct purpose—to sustainably protect Switzerland’s honey bees by offering foundational support for 20 hives. The treasures harvested from these colonies were incorporated into the original Essence of Bees collection.
      At the core of the luxurious collection lies a masterful formulation that unites the heart and soul of hive ingredients in an exclusive complex, featuring unrivalled galenics. The team at Valmont has combined the powers of honey, propolis, and royal jelly through a patented, Ecocert-certified lipophilic extraction process to create a nutritive and restorative treatment of unparalleled efficacy, designed to revitalize even the driest skin. This exceptional complex showcases Valmont’s mastery in transforming ancestral knowledge into modern-day savoir-faire through cutting-edge technologies while employing patented and eco-friendly techniques. The beneficial properties of hive ingredients are preserved while optimizing their effectiveness and bio-availability. The extraction process generates zero pollution, underscoring Valmont’s commitment to safeguarding the environment crucial for the longevity of honey bees.
      In 2023, Essence of Bees evolves into an exceptional anti-ageing daily routine for dry skin, offering an even more modern and generous spirit. Within the Essence of Bees range, three majestic treatments cater to dry skin, offering a transformative experience that enhances beauty and well-being. 
      Valmont’s commitment to protecting honey bees extends worldwide. The brand is honoured to partner with four associations across the continents where Essence of Bees products are sold to support projects covering every aspect of the honey bee ecosystem. Valmont has committed to donating US$20 from the sale of every Essence of Bees product to the cause. Through these partnerships, Valmont aims to educate younger generations about bees, monitor the environment to protect it, share beekeeping savoir-faire with women in rural areas, and support research initiatives focused on pollinators and biodiversity.


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