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Reflections: top trends in mirrors and glass to renew your space and spirit

Elina Sazonova for Pexels

If eyes are the mirror to the soul, then glass is the soul of home décor. Like our eyes, mirrors allow the light to shine through, reflecting rays that ricochet from wall to ceiling and beyond. Just like our eyes, when a room is tired or dated, we can’t hide it. When they’re sparkling and alert, life moves in beautiful ways.
      Whether you are looking to renovate, remodel, or just change things up a bit, mirror and glass upgrades can transform a home into an exciting space full of possibilities. We’ve researched the top trends and how your home can showcase your style and personality. It’s also crucial to remember why mirrors and glass are such an integral aspect of our home décor and living environment.
      They create the illusion of space. Mirrors, windows and glass can enlarge even the tiniest of rooms. When dealing with limited square footage, a mirror can add a tremendous amount of depth. If it can be placed opposite or beside a window, all the better.
      They make a statement. The eye is attracted to the most reflective item, so naturally a strategically placed mirror creates a focal point. On a wall, table or mantle, a mirror can showcase works of art, vases, or collectibles.
      They make a room more inviting. Mirrors and glass make a room more pleasant and welcoming. Glass represents water, allowing one to feel calm, balanced and energized. This translates to an overall sense of well-being.
      They add an extra level of security. Purposefully placed mirrors and glass allow you see what’s going on around you. Take advantage of this to have one last look around before you leave the house, or check the scene upon entrance.

Star light, star bright
It’s no accident your skin has a greenish tint when you look in the mirror or inside glass shower enclosures. Standard glass has a green tint we have become accustomed to. Starphire Glass will change how you see the world around you with crystal clear clarity that cannot be achieved with standard glass.
      Starphire is low-iron and ultra-clear with a hint of a bluish tint that accentuates light transmission. Containing less than one-tenth the iron found in standard glass, Starphire allows more light to shine with a 90 per cent visible light transmittance (VLT) resulting in an unmatched brilliance, clarity, and fidelity, even at a thickness of 19 mm.
      Imagine looking out on to a pool or the ocean with colour so pure you forget you are looking through a window or glass barrier. Envisage kitchen counter tops, back-splashes and overheads that accentuate natural light and illuminate your cooking space without the distortion of a greenish tint. Starphire is ideal for interiors, exteriors, commercial, retail and residential design.
Josh Duke for Unsplash
Max Rahubovskly for Pexels
Oversize is the right size
Supersize mirrors are all the rage, and for good reason. There is nothing like a large, carefully placed mirror to make a room appear bigger and brighter. They can be used as a focal point to direct your eye and light to a specific space, or fill a blank wall to complement a minimalist æsthetic. A large round mirror can completely revamp your bathroom without the need for a complete overhaul.
Liana Mikah for Unsplash
Charlotte May for Pexels
Mirror, mirror on the floor
Oversized floor mirrors are a fun and exciting way to add personality and style to a room. They add a vintage and dramatic touch while being completely modern. When left leaning against the wall, it not only enhances the overall room design with a very personal touch, they tend to make you look thinner, ideal for those spontaneous selfies.
West Elm
The beauty of asymmetry
Also referred to as irregular mirrors, butterfly mirrors, and blob mirrors, asymmetrically shaped mirrors show off your creativity, originality and confidence. Available in almost any shape, these mirrors-as-art pieces looks great when pairing two or more pieces of varying shapes together. Pair textures or different materials to make a bold statement.


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