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Life coach and author Denise Oster tells you how to walk in your worth

Denise Oster

It’s OK to feel these big things and it’s OK to be you. ‘Women often give themselves negative self-talk and then they lose confidence in themselves,’ says life coach Denise Oster. Oster is a sought-after speaker and author of the book, Inhale Abundance, Exhale Bullshit. She says in order for women to walk in their worth, they need to create a blueprint for themselves to catapult them to success. 
      ‘New habits and behaviour patterns can have a cumulative effect to shed self-doubt and find inspiration,’ says Oster. Ditching the negative self-talk will increase a person’s confidence through the power of thoughts, words, actions and habits. ‘It’s not about problem solving, it’s about creating solutions.’ If you don’t own where you are, you don’t know where you are. So find the pleasure in what you’re doing to find the pleasure in the outcome. ‘If you want greater success, you have to go all in on yourself because you’re worth it,’ says Oster.
      Women sometimes avoid the version of themselves that’s best for them. It’s because of fear. ‘What they need to do is take all the stuff that broke them and use those as tools to build themselves back up. Women can create higher standards and boundaries for themselves and make them non-negotiable. Every problem is really an opportunity,’ says Oster. She says the best thing she ever did was surround herself with a sphere of influences that matched her energy. Her biggest lesson was to get the help, support, accountability and walk in her worth. ‘Sometimes we just need a tiny push.’
      Bring your own value to the table and let yourself shine. Confidence alone is not enough to walk in your worth. You have to believe you are worthy of what you want and desire. The old adage of seeing is believing will not work when it comes to walking in your worth. You have to believe it and then you will see it. 
      To walk in your worth here are a few step to get you in the right direction.

  • Forgive yourself for everything: guilt, shame, doubt, failure and move forward with an open heart filled with gratitude as you focus on the present and future vision of your life. 
  • You are human like everyone else, so give yourself ton of grace and practice self-acceptance.
  • Heighten your self-awareness. Noticing is half the battle. Look at pattern behaviours that are in your life. Be aware of what does and doesn’t serve you. Ditch what doesn’t (even if it’s a spouse, family member, or a job). 
  • Fill your own cup up first by being there for yourself. Honour the promises you made to yourself. 
  • Take small steps to build the momentum to your future vision and celebrate all wins (big and small). They all add up to big because you did it. 
  • Connect with supportive people that you are aligned with. Never share your dreams with small minded people. 

Bonus tip
When you look in the mirror, know you were created for a reason and tell that beautiful face staring back at you that you are so worthy. Say it until you can feel it and start believing it. Because you are enough just the way you are.

      To learn more about Denise Oster and order a copy of her best selling book, visit www.deniseoster.com.


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