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Princess Cruises’ well rounded taste of the Mediterranean

Imagine an IMAX-type movie with spectacular Mediterranean scenery. Now imagine it in a super-secret location aboard your cruise with an energetic MC and a team of graceful wait staff serving an eight-course meal. Each course represents a port-of-call in Greece, Italy, Spain, and France, where independent and family-owned artisanal producers greet you with their story about what makes what they do such a labour of love. The table the courses are served on changes with the scenery, and whimsical artwork projected on to it comes to life when you touch or wave your hand over it. And to tie it all together, Brooke Shields is your guide.

      Welcome to Princess Cruises’ 360: an Extraordinary Experience. Because food and wine excursions, tours, and cooking classes now rank among the most popular activities aboard river and ocean cruises, it’s only fitting that the line has whipped up something extra and exclusive to passengers travelling in higher-end accommodations. While the high-tech immersion for no more than 20 guests was already available aboard the Discovery Princess at press time, it is set to arrive aboard the Enchanted Princess in late January.
      If the sweeping vistas of Santorini, the Amalfi Coast, Barcelona, and Provence aren’t enough to evoke cravings for a day (in person!) at each location, the execution of the meal and pairings with rare wines will leave one wanting more–and not just in the flavour department. The strongest part of the interactive sensory meal is its human element–the vignettes of the artisan producers and purveyors beaming with pride in what they do, followed by the discussion of culinary methods use to best showcase them in the different dishes. It’s what makes this truly unusual “dinner and a show” the next best thing to being there.
      With two seatings nightly, the cloaked venue accommodates 20 guests surrounded by LED walls in a circular format that places guests into featured destinations using stunning 4K cinematography, among the other bells and whistles. It’s also nice to know that Brooke Shields’s presence in 360 is right in line with her latest entrepreneurial project, Beginning Is Now, a global digital platform and brand inspiring inspire women over the age of 40 to live their fullest lives,
      For more information about Princess Cruises’ suites, accommodations, perks, and itineraries, reach out to a professional travel adviser by calling 1-800-PRINCESS (1-800-774-6237), or by visiting princess.com.


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