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Sustainable leisure wear brand Losano launches début collection for fall 2022


Losano, the latest in sustainable luxury lifestyle apparel, is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of their inaugural collection of iconic wardrobe essentials made for a conscious consumer. A collection of meaningful luxury lifestyle essentials responsibly made in, and inspired by, the diverse metropolis of Los Angeles and designs to put people and planet before all else at www.losano.com.
       Available direct to consumer, the 40-piece début collection is priced from US$99 to US$159 and available in sizes XS–XL, with select items available up to 2XL. Losano creates beautiful, high-quality, and responsibly created products that are good for you and good for our planet. With sustainability at the forefront of Losano, each meaningfully made garment enhances the everyday. Using recycled and eco-friendly materials throughout the collection, Losano’s stylish yet high-performance garments include sports bras, hoodies, tanks, leggings, bike shorts, knit sets and more. Blue Sign-certified, Losano’s EcoBrush and EcoBliss fabrics utilize polyethylene terephthalate (PET) recycled water bottles, reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Meanwhile, the Recharge fabric incorporates modal fibres extracted from naturally grown beech wood, renowned for its remarkable softness. 
       Every aspect of the collection, from design to transportation, is carefully thought through to be more mindful of the planet. Losano is manufactured locally in Los Angeles to reduce the environmental impacts of shipping as well as safeguard conditions and fair pay for all garment makers. All packaging is made from 100 per cent post-consumer waste and recycled materials. 


       ‘Here at Losano, we strive to create and produce responsibly made, meaningful products that put people and planet before all else. We believe that sustainability is a community endeavour and there’s a part to be played by everyone. Losano puts heart first with a heavy dose of generous spirit,’ comments Losano founder Stacia Graffia.
       Follow Losano on Instagram at @losanoofficial


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