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Nourished: wellness odds stacked in your favour


Say cheers to that cluttered vitamin shelf. You only need one that can do it all. Nourished is the only customizable, curated collection of premium and sustainably sourced vitamins tailored just for you. Sugar-free, vegan and made to order in the UK, you may choose from carefully selected options such as Inner Beauty, Inner Defence or Shape Up stacks, or take a short quiz to customize a personalized stack of seven vitamins to target your specific wellness needs. You can even choose sweet or sour.
       Each stack consists of bespoke, food-grade, science-backed ingredients approved to EU standards. Formulated from only the highest quality food sources and allergy-safe for most, each vitamin is individually wrapped in plastic-free, comps-stable packaging. Nourished also donates and supports Vitamin Angels UK, which provides nutritional support to vulnerable women and children worldwide.
       Since each stack can be customized, it does whatever you need it to. Each stack is formulated with vegan and scientifically-proven ingredients in a single daily dose for a truly unique wellness blend.


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