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Curaprox: Swiss engineering that will make you smile

The Swiss are renowned as standard-bearers in watchmaking and tools. It’s also fitting that Curaprox, established in 1954 just outside Lucerne, endures as a producer of dental “tools” for professional and consumer use that can play a part in extending one’s life and good health. The company motto is Ore Sano, Homo Sanus, which translates to a healthy mouth equalling a healthy body and mind, as it is a gateway to overall health.

The main brand, Curaprox, offers a variety of handy products that continue to revolutionize oral self-care. While its line of traditional toothbrushes with innovative twists are widely lauded by dentists, including its 12460 Velvet ultra-premium brush (US$41·35) and 5460 Ultra Soft (US$28·70 for six), the Hydrosonic Pro (US$199·99) could be considered as the “Rolex” among electric toothbrushes, even though it is priced similarly to other premium electric toothbrush sets.
Hydrosonic Pro

It is also fitting that Curaprox is derived from the Latin words for care and proximity, which also describes the Hyrdrosonic Pro’s design. While the apparatus has seven modes (or, brush head movements per minute), three different brush heads that tackle different dental health issues sets it apart. Curen’s filaments are designed for gentle use on sensitive gums, while the Curacurve ergonomic head aids in reaching tough-to-access parts of the mouth. The droplet-shaped head goes into small areas that larger heads cannot reach.
Be You toothpaste

Curaprox offers a line of Be You vegan toothpaste (US$12·65–20·96) in a variety of flavours (as well as a charcoal toothpaste) that clean, whiten, and enhance the results of the non-electric and electric toothbrushes. For more information about the entire line, visit curaprox.us. You can also purchase Curaprox products on amazon.com and walmart.com, and in New Zealand through DRC NZ.
Curaprox toothbrush


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