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Candice Nicole offers a dose of common sense nutrition insight

Like pretty much every intelligent, health-conscious adult, Candice Nicole was always on the lookout for ways to live healthier, age healthier, have more energy and anything else in the dietary supplement world necessary to make her body function better. And like many of us, nothing she tried had a lasting effect on her health until she found humic acid minerals in her search. Simultaneously, she was also looking for a healthier career path after spending 15 years working in different capacities of the health product industry, including, formulation, sales, marketing, branding and distribution. She successfully established and built three different health and wellness companies, but she ended up feeling the focus was not on helping people.

      Nicole, now founder and president of wellness line HUmineral, absorbed the many benefits of humic acid minerals (or humates) through research in books, scientific articles and conversations with health and wellness professionals. When she put them to the test—on herself—she was astonished at the difference it made in her everyday life. The next step was to work with several scientists, doctors, and health food experts to build a line of supplements and related products to find the best and safest formulas, so people of all ages could benefit from humic and fulvic acid minerals.

Lucire Rouge: What exactly is humic, and how do you explain it to the average person, and those who have gravitated toward supplements promising instant gratification?
Candice Nicole: Cellular health is paramount, and without it, nothing much matters. Your cells regulate your immune system. Minerals are responsible for every biological process of your body. The body cannot live without minerals and water. Humic mineral is a two-chain molecule that understands what your body needs (every body is different and will require more or less nutrient in one area or another of the body). Humic “understands” this and feeds the system what it needs. So in order to have healthy cells and to age healthy, minerals are a must. Humic mineral is unique in that it is an antiviral and two-chained.

What were some of the “a-ha” moments in your life and career that led to your founding your HUmineral line and developing the various products in the line?
I was reared in a home conscious of health, but I couldn’t wait to get to school and take part in the junk food feast with the other kids. However, somehow we revert to the little voice upstairs and we take little lessons from our childhood along our way. When I was 19, I noticed that when I made dinner for myself or for friends, I was adamant in having a balanced meal, with a meat or fish, a starch, potato or rice, and a salad or a healthy green salad or vegetables. For salads, I insisted on using the really green leaves. If broccoli was the choice, the whole stalk. One day … reviewing backs of packages and supplements looking for preservatives, BHA, BHT, stearates, dyes, parabens on labels and what went into my body, it was shocking. I’m sure I made a few friends crazy when shopping with me or me with them. As I think back now, I am sure this is why friends hide ingredients when I am visiting.

How did you curate the other medical and health experts who were instrumental in developing and testing the various products?
I read information on humic and fulvic acid minerals for over six months. This is what lead me to source it, formulate it and produce the line. I did initial testing, mixing and formulating at [my] home-office, before sending to labs and engaging others on my team now. Once I formulated a line I knew was US-certified organic, non-diluted and [of] maximum efficacy, I was ready to market.

With ‘beauty from the inside out’ being a familiar maxim in the industry, what do you find are the most misunderstood aspects of this idea and how does HUmineral make this idea more straightforward and a personal programme easier to follow?
If your cells are healthy, hydrated and fed, which is what humic and fulvic mineral provides, you notice [this] external[ly], from your teeth, to skin to even your breath or body smell. It is true, eyes are [the] window[s] to [your] soul, so is dead hair, dry patchy skin or brittle toenails. You can look at someone and tell if they are generally healthy. If we see someone with yellowish eyes, we immediately think jaundice or lack of oxygen, a very good assumption. When you feed your body what it needs (and it must have minerals and water), you are doing your body good!

Why was it important that HUminerals also be safe and usable by kids and teens? 
Health is for everyone. Every parent, aunt, uncle or godparent, wants their loved one to be healthy. There is no barrier to love for our families, friends and extended, so I wanted a line that had no barriers to consumption as much as possible. Humic mineral is [a] food nutrient that even pregnant women take, it helps with absorption of nutrients. HUmineral is for every family, human, animal and plant.


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