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Joico’s summer blockbuster super-hair-oes

Every hair care brand has its hero products—must-have magic potions designed to enhance and benefit every hair type. However, Joico takes things literally with the rollout of five new styling essentials making up the ‘Guardians of Glam’. As you may expect, all of these new ‘Super Friends’—Defy Damage Invincible Frizz-Fighting Bond Protector, Defy Damage Sleepover, RiseUp Powder Spray, HeatHero Glossing Thermal Protector, and Humidity Blocker+ Finishing Spray—promise to rescue hair from the most common adversaries of summertime locks, from humidity-induced limp hair to frizz.
      As these superstars are packed with various marvels of science (its proprietary SmartRelease Technology and liposome, tapping into what’s worked in good skin care) and nature (such as moringa seed oil, vanillin, arginine, rosehip oil and keratin), they take on more sinister and global threats to hair health including pollution, sun and heat damage, UVA–UVB and our better angels, as these beauty lifesavers are also PETA-approved.
      An elite squad of celebrity stylist–brand ambassadors beamed into the scene during the rollout to offer several useful tips to get the most out of the products. To create a look of humidity-proof fullness, Larissa Love suggested spraying the RiseUp and moving the hair on the scalp in circular fashion to create height. To refresh, just do the same motion with your fingers, which staves off damage caused by backcombing. Mai Hernandez, discussing how she tested the Humidity Blocker+ on a recent trip to Cancun, recommended lifting sections of hair to spray evenly, but using the product sparingly as its effects last 24 hours.
      When demonstrating HeatHero, Olivia Smalley couldn’t stress the importance of heat protection enough. ‘Use those extra seconds to spray it on dry or wet hair when using metal hair tools,’ she said. ‘Shake bottle, spray on sections of hair you are styling—two sections for fine hair, four for thicker hair and always keep the bottle eight inches away.’

To learn more about the “Guardians of Glam” all-stars, visit joico.com and visit Ulta.com to purchase.


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