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The face mask revival: uncover healthier skin

Until the spring of 2020, donning a face mask was synonymous with smearing layers of mud or goop on your face, wrapping your hair in a towel, and chilling on a comfy chair or hot bath while a profusion of vitamins and minerals work wonders on your stressed skin and worried mind. A few months may have altered the meaning of wearing a face mask, but we like the old one and all of its beautifying and relaxation benefits. And when the new variant of face masks fades into oblivion for all but the most incumbent, you’ll want to show off a radiant complexion.
       Choosing the right facial mask is merely a matter of knowing the skin concern you wish to address. According to Dr Rina Allawh of Schweiger Dermatology Group, most masks target hydration, acne, redness, cleansing, exfoliation or anti-ageing. Vitamins C, E, and hyaluronic acid are best for moisture recovery, brightening, and plumping. Retinol and glycolic acids are great exfoliators, though Dr Allawh recommends limiting usage to once per week to avoid adverse reactions or flare-ups. For a more gentle exfoliation, an enzyme mask is a safer option.

Versed Doctor’s Visit Instant Resurfacing Mask
Appointment-free, pain-free, downtime-free, and pricey spa visit-free. What is it then? A vegan exfoliating treatment that will leave your skin in better condition after each application. A triple-threat of alpha, lactic, and beta hydroxy acids plus vitamin C-rich pineapple and papaya enzymes. Tackles hyperpigmentation and boosts cell turnover for brighter and smoother skin. You’ll see that post-facial glow you adore minus the tingling or burning.

The Better Skin Co. Klayzyme
The newest release made with love from Uzbekistan. Powerful mineral clay meets gently effective enzyme exfoliation. Clay purifies and shrinks pores while pineapple and papaya slough away dead skin cells for radiantly firmer skin. Alœ and olive oil hydrate and soothe.

masktini lucire rouge
Masktini Metal Head Gold Brightening Mask
Achieve the rock star glow pre-show or post after-hours party. A creamy metallic mask made from mineral micro-pigments that leaves behind a delicate golden gleam. You can even splash your face with water after the all-nighter and the glow lingers on. But it’s not all superficial; vitamin C boosts collagen production while pomegranate stem cells reverse environmental damage. Sunflower oil soothes and heals, leaving skin dewy and supple.

hanacure lucire
Hanacure All-in-One Facial
This is the mask blowing up social media and a celebrity favourite. An award-winning 15-minute miracle that will make you fall in love with your mirror. Developed in a proprietary lab that utilizes revolutionary hypotheses for beyond-your-wildest-dreams results. Combats the most common skin concerns by removing all toxins and impurities, leaving the skin reinvigorated for a visibly refined appearance and a noticeably youthful bloom. Hanacure CEO Alice Berman describes it as ‘A mask that is easy to use and incredibly effective, handling multiple issues so that you don’t have to do a number of different treatments to achieve the result that you want.’

Ahava 24K Gold Mineral Mud Mask
From an ancient sea worshipped for its healing properties and the world’s most precious metal. These two elements of nature combine to enhance your natural beauty—authentic Dead Sea mud and 24 ct gold. This nourishing gold-infused mask delivers the ultimate at-home goddess experience for renewed radiance.

Buck Naked Soap Company Raw Blue Agave Rejuvenation & Hydration Mask
Handcrafted with pure raw blue agave, this potent treatment is rich in natural glycolic acids that quickly penetrate the skin for a pore-free, even-toned appearance. Profoundly hydrating, your skin is instantly plumped and fine lines are blurred away. The bright red paste is a virtual volcano of curated botanical extracts and hyaluronic acid to firm, fortify, smooth and brighten.

josh rosebrook cacao mask
Josh Rosebrook Cacao Antioxidant Mask
This activating facial treatment works to stimulate and purify skin via powerful antioxidant and phytonutrient plant synergies. Rich cacao helps slow skin cell decline and assist in collagen production increasing elasticity and luminosity. Induces circulation which assists in nutrient delivery, and supports the skin’s natural healing ability. Selected plant oils support skin to calm and nourish.

Phyto-C Superheal O-Live Mask
A powerhouse of the most active skin ingredients in one indulgent curative mask. A formidable combination of 15 per cent vitamin C, retinol, arbutin, kojic acid and a patented olive leaf extract exfoliates, detoxifies, reduces redness, tightens, brightens and firms.

mychelle hyaluronic mask lucire
Mychelle Dermaceuticals Ultra Hyaluronic Water Mask
A refreshing mask of moisture-binding hyaluronic acid, blue agave and prickly pear cactus to smooth and condition dull and dehydrated skin. Wear overnight for luxurious hydration.

Grace & Stella Blackhead Removal Peel-Off Mask
Stop picking at those pimples! We know how much you miss those spa visit extractions, but there is an alternative and it won’t leave your face red and blotchy. Amped up with activated bamboo charcoal to banish blackheads and balance oily skin, this painless peel-off mask helps to remove bacteria, dirt and other micro-particles. It’s also anti-inflammatory and leaves skin calm, cool, and refreshed.

Botanics USA All Bright Instant Glow Mask
Say hello to glowing skin with the new Botanics All Bright Instant Glow Mask. The unique gel formula driven by the power of plants is specifically formulated to boost brightness for an instantly radiant complexion with long-term skin benefits. Infused with natural exfoliating AHAs from the hibiscus plant—the plant that makes you glow—and a dose of vitamin C, tired skin will look awakened, healthier and most importantly, brighter in just 10 minutes.


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