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Moscot launches its new collection in east-meets-west coast style

Andy Suzuki and Kozza Babumba perform.
Moscot found the perfect way to bridge their New York City origins—rooted in the American dream—and Hollywood followed by launching its spring–summer 2023 collection at its Melrose Avenue location. Frames showcased included the new collection (Zogan, Foygel, Tinif, Grober, and Kash) as well as popular styles like the smart Bummi cat-eye frames. All are timeless silhouettes modernized for the current century in several unexpected colours and finishes along with tortoise and black.
      Party attendees could try on their favourites in advance of the February 7 collection release and get honest opinions from the staff (important if you’re having a prescription installed within them). Meanwhile, Andy Suzuki and the Method, a band consisting native New Yorkers, played and effectively turned the space into a nightclub. The band members were also the stars of a Sundance Festival-inspired short film screened early on that not only shows them rocking Moscot frames (as they did on stage), but also on a road trip seeking escape from the city and inspiration for a new song. And the concessions? Popcorn, soda, and Angelenos’ Wood Fired Pizza Catering, offering personal pies with New York and LA combinations of toppings.
      The live show, film and campaign not only featured the band rocking the new collection but also a message that creative people thrive in New York and LA, as well as all points between. The same holds true for the Melrose Avenue store, a monument to Moscot’s 108-year history, with modern art installations and photography framing all of its new and classic prescription frames and sunglasses. One wall is dedicated to the celebrities from film, television, music, and sports devoted to the brand.
      Drummer Kozza Babumba, reflecting on their multimedia contributions to the brand’s eternally cutting-edge æsthetic, said, ‘Early in our career we discovered Moscot, and it’s cool because we can see the pictures and videos over the years reflect our style evolution that also coincided with the music changing. So, I think there has been a really interesting lockstep journey between our music and Moscot that has been amazing to watch and is reflective of the journey depicted in the campaign.’
      As the first designer at the helm of the family business, chief design officer and fifth-generation Zack Moscot was keen to cater to the core Moscot community. ‘This new collection is designed for the creative person, process, and product. We strive to embrace artistry and what it takes to make something original,’ he shared. ‘I want those who have been shopping with us for generations and those who have been fitted for a pair of frames for the very first time to feel represented.’
      Prices range from US$330 to US$350. For more information and Moscot’s locations worldwide, visit moscot.com. The spring–summer 2023 collection launched online and in Moscot stores on February 7, 2023.


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