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Up in the clouds at Hotel Belmar, Costa Rica’s original eco-resort

Hotel Belmar

Hotel Belmar

Long before eco-tourism became a bona fide concept, before yoga retreats in the woods were a “thing” for suburban moms, and before Costa Rica became a hub for glamping and trendy hiking trails, the Hotel Belmar was welcoming the curious, the conscious and the adventurous. Its doors and concept opened to those travellers seeking something more meaningful than a fancy resort and catered meals.
      Since it opened more than 35 years ago, Hotel Belmar has always been a leader in responsible tourism, creating opportunities that honour the environment, and allow guests to connect with nature and the community while enjoying the beauty of nature and the wonders of the Costa Rican cloud forest.
      Sustainability. Globally recognized for its sustainable practices, the hotel seeks to educate visitors and inspire the next generation of caretakers of the world’s eco-systems.
      Farm-to-table gastronomy programme. Guests can learn about low-impact farming and cooking methods with visits to the on-site organic garden and by harvesting fresh ingredients used in the hotel’s restaurants.
      Finca Madre Tierra. Created by the hotel, visitors can enjoy a real Costa Rican farm experience at the country’s first carbon-neutral farm to learn about sustainable agriculture while picking coffee beans and grinding sugar cane, and more.
      Savia private reserve. A new addition to the Hotel Belmar offerings, the reserve features thrilling eco-adventures with a purpose in the tropical cloud forest including hiking, walking on a hanging bridge, rope climbing, bird watching above the forest canopy, and more.
      Cervecería Belmar Tap Room and Beer Garden. One of the first microbreweries in the country, it serves Cervezas Artesanales Belmar, and artisanal ales, brewed on-site at the hotel.
      Artist residency. Offering artists four opportunities per year to stay at the hotel for up to three weeks, the programme is open to national and international artists who are passionate about nature and the rainforest.
      The distance from the airport in San Jose to Monteverde is approximately 140 km (87 miles). A minimum of two to three days is recommended, though many travellers stay longer to thoroughly explore the region and immerse themselves in the cloud forest adventure.
      You can discover more about Hotel Belmar here, or follow them on Instagram here to learn more about traveller experiences.




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