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Finland’s Lumene and Sulapac: sustainable packaging that leaves no traces behind


After four years of scientific development and testing, consumers will be able to experience their favourite Lumene moisturizers packaged in an innovative jar made of industrially compostable material that does not harm the environment and is manufactured sustainably.
       ‘Up until now, the main challenge of using bio-based material in jars has been the fast evaporation of moisture, which is why it hasn’t been deemed a workable solution for water-based cosmetics. Through this pilot, we are making an investment towards the future of innovation in the cosmetics industry,’ says Essi Arola, Head of Research and Development, Packaging at Lumene.
       The products will be packaged in Sulapac jars made from FSC-certified (FSC C158142) wood chips from industrial side streams and plant-based materials. The inner lining of the jar consists of the world’s first barrier technology for cosmetics made of industrially compostable material that protects the sensitive cosmetic product and, in contact with natural microbes, eventually falls apart without leaving traces behind.
       Originating from the Nordic country known for its pristine nature, both Lumene and Sulapac routinely use side-stream materials from other industries in the manufacturing of their products. 
       ‘We obtain cloudberry oil from the press cake leftover in berry juice production from several local companies. It brings a significant sustainability advantage: the berries don’t have to be picked just to supply the cosmetics company. By using side streams, we also promote local partnerships and reduce waste,’ elaborates Arola. ‘We have utilized ingredients developed from side streams of the food and forest industries in our production for two decades already, and our ambition is to become carbon neutral by 2025.’
       The design philosophy of Sulapac is to mimic nature—similarly to a same-size piece of wood left on the forest floor, Sulapac jars can be digested by naturally occurring microorganisms and break down into carbon dioxide, water and biomass, leaving no traces behind. 
      ‘Lumene is an iconic Finnish brand with ambition for international expansion. Our philosophies of respecting natural resources and a strong science-based approach complement each other very well,’ points out Dr Suvi Haimi, CEO and co-founder of Sulapac. 
       The products will be available internationally on Lumene’s online store and in selected stores in Finland.


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