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The future in the palm of your hand: Nebulyft anti-ageing puts time on your side

If you have peeked around any med spa lately, you know first-hand there is no paucity of anti-ageing, skin-tightening, non-invasive treatments from which to choose. And the choice is just the beginning. These services are not cheap and they are not a one-time deal. After a series of costly treatments, maintenance appointments are necessary. It all adds up fast. If only you could get med spa results at home….

      The Nebulyft R1 Multi-Polar RF Anti-Aging Device is considered the most advanced on the market.

• Strengthens deeper layers of the skin.
• Visible effect with the first treatment.
• Lifts facial contours. Toning and brightening.
• Intelligent 107°6°F (42°C) thermal control. Non-invasive, portable and travel-friendly.
• Nebulyft Organic Gel is exclusive for the Nebulyft devices and 100 per cent organic.
• Develops a soothing, coupling effect on your skin.
• Can be used as an instant hydrating mask.
• Wireless charging.
• Five levels of RF energy.
• Ergonomic design.

      Committed to make a great product even better, Nebulyft will soon introduce the N1, with a patented cutting-edge micro-microelectronic system not seen in consumer anti-ageing care.
      The N1 features titanium nanotech, a full ceramic panel for enhanced skin compatibility and RF feedback sensors for intelligent temperature monitoring, as well as a number of other improvements. The new N1 device delivers unrivalled surface penetration abilities and non-abrasive, precious metal skin-facing surfaces and patented microelectrode technology.
      Independent titanium Micro-RF dots: the N1 is designed with 384 Micro-RF dots (128 more than the previous model). The finer Micro-RF dots allow for more precise delivery of the RF energy in an elliptical egg-shaped energy field that optimizes the polarity of the energy between the top and bottom of the epidermis. The result is better skin tightening, erasing and lightening dark circles and age spots, a more lifted jawline, diminished nasal folds, crows’ feet and forehead wrinkles.  
      Intelligent thermal control technology: upgraded black enamel RF panel adds increased surface area while providing increased skin comfort and temperature control. The larger surface area of the RF panel contributes to better results for reducing facial edema, reducing under-eye bags, shrinking facial pores and even lightening stretch marks or scars.
      Call home and make your spa appointment. Free parking and no waiting.


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