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QMS Medicosmetics: heading off to collagen

‘Follow the science’ is being encouraged by a lot of medical experts on a lot of topics these days. It’s simple, sound advice. However, discerning Europeans have turned to German trauma specialist and cosmetic surgery Dr Erich Schulte since 1994. Now, his 25 years of experience has just been poured into QMS Medicosmetics, a skin care line intended to bridge luxury with clinically proven and effective results. With its arrival in the United States, the team behind the collection is betting that the brand becomes a skin care standard-bearer for Americans demanding results-driven formulas that are at once proactive and healing.

      ‘Because QMS is focused on identifying the cause of the skin problem, we first identify and only then we can improve,’ said CEO Mark Stanlein, who with QMS Medicosmetics’ International educator Rowan Hall-Farrise, explained why QMS sampler kits were the perfect way to introduce the brand to America. ‘We can balance and rebuild the skin with a certain kind of regimen. We have roughly 38 products in retail, and our real hero, as you know, is always our collagen sets. The exfoliants are 7 or 11 per cent, and our day collagen and our night collagen, which might be sensitive or might be the normal variant, [are] the base where we will always start with.’
      Hall-Farrise then detailed how the line’s collagen component is the focus of the brand. It is the most abundant protein in the human body that makes up more than half of the total volume of protein found in the skin. Consequently, it is also what makes skin strong, thick, supple, and smooth, giving it structure and contributing to 60 per cent of the skin’s moisturizing processes.
      ‘Collagen is the main component required to support the skin’s health, giving it the firmness and elasticity,’ says Hall-Farrise. ‘Collagen is something we are all looking to replenish for a vibrant, youthful glow.’
      However, not all collagens are created equal. According to Stanlein, QMS has garnered its reputation as an industry innovator through making 97 per cent skin-identical collagen a primary focus in med-spa and at-home skin care. The company utilizes high-grade skin-identical collagen originating from German bovine for ultimate results. This type of collagen absorbs into the skin, creating longer lasting results and does not deteriorate. It also features a patented and exclusive delivery system and Neotech A15, a proprietary collagen–hyaluronic acid complex, to reintroduce collagen to protect your natural skin barrier.
      ‘We are the brand showing you the results,’ Stanlein affirms. ‘We are about identification and personalization. The interesting thing is that the big companies are really struggling with identification and personalization. It’s about the development of your skin. As Dr Schulte would ask a patient in a clinical setting, we’re asking those serious about better skin care how can we improve her skin. We want to pay close attention to the causes of the skin problems she might have.’
      Hero products in this spectacularly effective collection include Collagen Recovery Day & Night Cream, an intensive daily moisturizer that helps to boost skin’s hydration levels as well as increasing firmness and luminosity, leaving skin feeling more comfortable and supple than ever before. There are also 3-Step Routine anti-ageing skin care systems for different skin types. The collagen 3-Step system helps improve hydration by 245 per cent after just eight weeks, according to Hall-Farrise. Collagen systems run US$260, and include generous trial sizes of the Day Collagen, Night Collagen, and Active Exfoliant 7 per cent hero products. Other products available through spas and the website include Deep Gentle Cleanser (US$50), Hydrating Boost (US$50), and the Power Firm Mask (US$95).
      Nearly 700 top-tier spas and clinics around the world have exclusive arrangements to feature bespoke treatments and products, including the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, the Stanglwirt in Austria, and the Mandarin Oriental hotels in Bangkok, Thailand and Lake Como, Italy. For more information, visit qmsmedicosmetics.com.


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