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Waste not, want not: Alleyoop clears out the clutter

alleyoop lucire

Buying three different products that do the exact same thing is wasteful. Buying an entire make-up palette to only use one shade is also wasteful. With this in mind, Alleyoop helps you cut down the clutter without sacrificing your needs with efficient multi-use products that reduce waste while increasing productivity.

       Encouraging you to take a look at what products you are and aren’t using, Alleyoop eliminates the unnecessary with a line of innovative, multi-purpose products that check more boxes in your routine with less. For instance, Alleyoop’s Multi-Tasker combines your four most essential make-up applicators into one easy tool and cuts out the need for extra packaging while using 20 per cent less material than traditional options. Additionally, the Clean Slate replaces the need for three skin care products with one single, compact stick. The longer shelf life of the waterless formula means less frequent consumption and less product waste.

       Along with the brand’s mission to reduce material usage, sustainability is taken into account with every decision they make. This shows up in areas such as their packaging, which includes biodegradable packing peanuts and recyclable materials, and their ingredients, which include waterless solutions and potent formulas (so you get more with less). Aiming for plastic neutrality, Alleyoop recently partnered with Cleanhub so that with every order placed on their website an equivalent amount of plastic waste is removed from the ocean.


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