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Sweating the big stuff, so you don’t have to!

There’s nothing that dampens the mood more than perspiration, putting a stain on your outfits, confidence and mood. However, aluminium and other man-made and metallic ingredients that curb sweat, odours and other unpleasant side-effects of this otherwise beneficial bodily function have been found in many studies to cause cancer and other autoimmune illnesses. 

       As Mila Shmurak’s mother-in-law was a breast cancer survivor and she wanted to be at her best for her own family, she began her search for a more natural, organic and more effective deodorant that would leave her body feeling healthy and nourished. With hormonal odour that comes with age and motherhood, she wanted safer, non-toxic ingredients that would reduce odours and help balance her skin from within. When nothing came out of her search, she decided to create one from scratch that would be as much of an indulgence as it would be a practical necessity.
       ‘Everybody’s turned to natural, food-grade ingredients in all kinds of skin care, and my contribution to this movement is to educate women on skin care for that particular and sometimes problematic part of the body,’ says Shmurak. ‘Armpit care is skin care, and therefore, should be just as enjoyable as caring for any other skin elsewhere on your body. It wasn’t just important to make this collection out of natural ingredients, but make them easy to use, wonderful-smelling and pretty on your vanity or in your medicine chest.’
       Earth’s natural clays absorbs moisture and organic essential oils provide a long-lasting scent. Antioxidants provide extreme nourishment. Vegan and organic ingredients balance skin pH. Luxurious formulas provide easy-to-use products that work with your own body chemistry. The Tahitian monoï extension of the line takes the underarm and body care experience up a notch with its exotic tropical flower aromas, coconut oil and built-in antioxidants like vitamin E and ferulic acid that neutralizes free radicals. 
       All products are small-batched for quality control and made with organic and food-grade ingredients. Visit barepits.com to learn more about the Bare Pits collection, and how to detox your underarms from your current supermarket deodorant brand, which will bring about such benefits as less irritation and perspiration after using natural deodorants. No more product build-up on the skin of your underarms as well as improved lymphatic function and a reduction in illness. The collection (US$7·99 to US$75, which also includes lotions, hair oil and hand sanitizer) is also available at Amazon, Home Shopping Network and Ulta.


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