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Pivot Coldbrew: a jolt to your morning coffee routine

As a lifetime coffee enthusiast looking to go the entrepreneurial route, LA-based former entertainment executive David Stroud believes everybody can use an extra push to ‘pivot towards something better’ when facing everyday pressures and unexpected challenges. While many have historically turned to a morning coffee to make that happen, he wanted to take things further with Pivot Coldbrew, a new approach to bottled coffee blending flavourful, family-grown 100 per cent Arabica beans from Central and South America, a directed caffeine rush and nourishing properties of nootropics (such as Cognizin Citicoline, which nourishes the brain for greater mental stamina), Reishi (a powerful adaptogen and immunity booster), and botanical-based elements such as Alpinia Galanga.

      ‘Our proprietary formula of “cognitive enhancers” was developed to optimize the functional effects of caffeine, while eliminating the jittery effects to yield a more sustained and relaxed energy for greater mental clarity and focus,’ says Stroud. ‘Under the direction of a 120 year-old local family roaster, our beans are roasted to a medium level, allowing natural flavour notes like chocolate and citrus to shine through in every bottle.’
      The flavourful, low calorie range includes:

    • Fearless Black: 5 calories and 0 sugar
    • Laid-Back Black: 5 calories and 0 sugar
    • Perfectly Sweet: 25 calories and 5 g sugar
    • Harmonious Vanilla: 40 calories and 5 g sugar
    • Rejuvenating Ginger: 35 calories and 7 g sugar

      Pivot Coldbrew is currently at such retailers as Erewhon (all locations) and other LA-area retailers. The line will be available to a broader audience through its just-launched website. Connect with Pivot Coldbrew on social media via @pivotcoldbrew.


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